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The Eye – the Window to your Personality

by Patrick

By Neil McNulty
(Herbalist, Naturopath, Iridologist)
CNM lecturer

There are more things to be seen in the eye than are dreamt up in your philosophy.

It is by no accident or coincidence that the word ‘iris’ (the coloured part of the eye) is derived from the Greek word iridos, which means the female messenger of the Gods, and is represented by the rainbow. Classical and behavioural iridology (the study of the iris) is a young science, but of all the parts of our bodies, it is the eyes that have fascinated, intrigued and haunted people since time immemorial. The eyes have inspired poets, paupers and pharaohs alike, and our language is imbued with sayings such as: the windows of the soul; smiling eyes; eye of the beholder; apple of my eye; seeing eye to eye.

Iridology reveals the secrets of who we are and how our underlying behaviours drive us so that we can better utilize our innate gifts and get what we want from our lives.

Normally, magnification is required to view the iris, but, to start you on your path of discovery, there are four rings that are discernible by the naked eye: the ring of harmony; the ring of purpose; the rings of freedom; and the ring of determination. Can you detect any of the following in your iris?

The Ring of Harmony

The Ring of Harmony manifests like little clouds (white, yellow or gold colour), puffs or dots near the edge of the Iris.

These individuals seek harmony in all aspects of their life: relationships, home and work. It is vital that there is happiness, peace and balance around them. They are very sensitive to the slightest imbalance, and being out of balance can leave them disconnected, frustrated, evasive, obsessive and critical.

When they understand that harmony within is what they seek, they become mediators, diplomats, interior decorators and landscape gardeners. They do this by being still, through meditation, regular cleansing (skin brushing), being in nature and seeing within nature a place of connectedness where all things vibrate in harmony with each other. These individuals, when at peace, bring peace, harmony and balance wherever they go. Others notice their stillness and strength and listen.

The Ring of Purpose

The Ring of Purpose can be recognised as a dark ring around the outside of the Iris where it meets the white of the eye. It can be seen clearly with the naked eye. The thicker the ring, the more significant the behaviour.

These individuals seek purpose in their lives in the belief that they are here for a special cosmic reason. They feel like the stars ordained their life mission personally. If you consider yourself a course junkie, then you probably have the Ring of Purpose. When out of balance, they become impatient, confused and uncertain, moving from one guru to the next (greater) guru.

When they understand that their life is already full of purpose and meaning, they emerge as aspirational individuals with more patience and clarity of vision. To do this, they should seek to manifest physically what they have undoubtedly gained from a lifetime of acquiring knowledge and experience. Making real what they have in their heart and mind will help them feel whole, connected and focused.

The Rings of Freedom

The Rings of Freedom are distinguished from the other rings as often appearing in multiples. These can be seen like circular rings or tree rings normally two thirds the way from the pupil to the edge of the Iris.

These individuals seek freedom from their physical body, in which they may feel confined. These feelings cause excess tension. When out of balance, these individuals feel restless, anxious and defensive.

If they can give up their limiting beliefs, thoughts and fears, the freedom they seek is theirs and is glorious. They become serene, relaxed and confident (in their own skin). To get this freedom, they need to trust the process of getting what they need. These people put getting a massage to the bottom of their to-do list. When they eventually get one, the relief they feel is incredible and leave them in a state of ecstasy – wondering why they waited so long.

The Ring of Determination

The Ring of Determination is a whiteish ring or arc around the outer edge of the Iris – it never goes all the way to the white of the eye.

This is normally seen in people of 50 years and over. These individuals have a great determination to seek perfection in their life. When they take on a task, it will be done right. Do you recognise the phrase, “I need to do it or it won’t be done correctly.”? Well, you might have this ring. Out of balance, these people may become rigid, obstinate and bitter, and that can show in the body as high cholesterol.

When these individuals learn to be flexible and allow others to help, they become idealistic, determined and yet forgiving (of others and themselves). Having a good talk and expressing their concerns around life can help a lot. A good holiday where they can truly switch off is the best thing for these people.

“Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary rule – the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All manner of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” (Goethe)

You may have more than one of these rings. So why not take a look in the mirror and see if one or more of these rings are waiting to be discovered. Do not limit your reality and life by how you behave, think, feel or believe; these do not define you, but understanding their role in your life will help you unlock your potential to be who you want to be.

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