Summer Vibes

by Patrick

“People don’t notice whether it’s Winter or Summer when they’re happy.”
~ Anton Chekhov


Body & Soul Festival
June 18th & 19th
The organisers of Body & Soul want their festival goers to enjoy an ‘experience’ rather than just a gig. They’re unique rather than boutique, and sustainability conscious without being too in-your-face. It’s an independent festival with a heart-shaped mind and a cutting edge soul.


The SixSense Academy of Spiritual Education
July 17th
This July, Ireland’s 1st SixSense Academy, The International Academy of Spiritual Education, opens its doors to bring its unique style of spiritual tuition to Ireland. The students will be taught by 3 top International tutors who are experts in teaching Mediumship for beginners to advanced levels, Trance Mediumship, Angel Communication, Psychic Development and more. They are also looking for Irish Tutors in Spiritual development for a new TV project next year.


Anger Releasing Weekend Workshops
June 25th& 26th
Free yourself from any burdens of anger, resentments and past-hurts in a safe and warm group atmosphere. Experience your own ability to move through the Natural Cycle of Resolution, from the painful or negative feelings all the way back to peace, empowerment and love.

Movement Workshop
July 9th – 14th
Enjoy free movement, embodied awareness, play, expression and prayer with internationally acclaimed movement master, Suprapto Suryodarmo. The theme of the workshop is “Being with ourselves, being with each other.”
(performing ritual art)
Suprapto is also offering workshops on June 26th – July 22nd in Cobh, Cork City, West Cork and Sligo.


The Beehive Summer School
July 27th – July 31st
Join John Doherty in the beautiful grounds of Maheramore Retreat Centre, Brittas Bay for this residential retreat, allowing you extra time to empty out mental and emotional noise, de- stress, enter into stillness, develop self-awareness and connect with the Authentic Self. Also included is the Food for Renewal Programme with The Hunky Chunk Kitchen (Joanne Faulkner).

Gateways Festival 2011
September 9th & 10th
This is a celebration of music, art, local craft and natural beauty. Lit by the Singing Moon, the festival will offer a chance and a time for exhilaration at this very special location: Glendalough Estate. This year’s festival line-up will include the best live Irish acts, and also a little something from across the big pond.


Mind Mood Happiness
September 17th & 18th
Using techniques from modern psychology and neuroscience along with timeless treasures of Tibetan Buddhism and nondual teachings (Advaita-Vedic), participants will be taught skills to calm the mind, develop trust with the unconscious, and explore their inner resources for activating creativity, vitality, joy, contentment, and a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

Spirit of Folk Festival
September 23rd – 25th
Event organisers have promised a weekend to rival Bilbo Baggins’ birthday bash with an endless list of unconventional activities including archery, falconry, battle re-enactments, storytelling in a candle lit cairn, burning effigies, medieval games, fireworks, community games as well as a Mind, Body & Soul area and performances from some of the biggest names in folk music. The festival takes place in Dunderry Park, Co. Meath.


Waxing Lyrical
The National Wax Museum Plus in association with Alive-O Productions present Waxing Lyrical – a rib-tickling comedy tour of the wax museum. This is an over 16s event due to the ‘colourful’ nature of the guides as they relish in spinning colourful yarns about the waxen characters you’ll encounter and offer up their own unique take on history.

Dance Therapy Factory
Tuesdays 7:45 pm
When our lives are busy, or involve caring for and supporting others, it is essential that we take space to recharge and nurture ourselves. Through dance, music, free movement and body awareness practice we can ground ourselves, release accumulated tension and stress, and recognise where we hold on so that we can unwind and let go, encouraging us to stay open-hearted and present for ourselves, our relationships and our work.

Wheatgrass Colonics
Colonic irrigation results in massive hydration of the body, increased vitality, deep detoxification, better hair, skin and eyesight. The wheatgrass used in these colonics is of an extremely high standard and dramatically improves the effectiveness of the treatments, which have had great success in the treatment of many digestive issues, skin problems, weight issues, infertility and with people undergoing chemotherapy.


Om Bar
Ombars are made by Mood Foods – a small company started by three friends with an interest in healthy eating and living. Their original intention was to make available the natural goodness of the raw cocoa bean in a chocolate bar. Nowadays they’ve taken this a step further by infusing the chocolate with a wealth of nutritious berries and probiotics.

Barefoot Runners
Vibram® FiveFingers® is different than any other footwear on the planet. Not only do they bring you closer to your environment, they also deliver lots of positive health benefits. Whether training for strength, endurance or speed, all our movement originates from our centre. Training barefoot keeps you aware and focused on your shifting centre, increasing gluteal and core activation and working all the muscles in your feet and legs.

Organo Gold
The World’s favourite drinks (tea and coffee) now have Ganoderma added to negate the harmful effects of the caffeine rush and improve the health benefits with over 200 nutrients and antioxidants present. These active components can enhance the immune system, neutralise toxins in the body, reduce free radicals and improve circulation.

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