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Meditation for Summer

by Patrick

By Yvonne Fannon

It’s a wonderful experience to meditate outdoors in a beautiful, natural environment; and here’s hoping this Summer will offer an abundance of opportunities.

Take a walk on the beach or down a quiet boreen. Deeply exhale away tensions and loosen the body to enjoy a comfortable stride. Walking along, awaken the senses fully and deeply to the nature around you. Notice the many scents in the air – be it the salty scent of the ocean or the coconut scent of gorse – breathe it in deeply. Feel your feet meeting the earth and the wind brushing your face. Listen to the birds, the waves or whatever it may be. Listen for each individual sound. Look all around and take it all in. Notice colours, textures, shapes, movements, the big picture and the finer details. Surrender the senses, the mind and the body to the experience of letting go.

Feeling relaxed and pleasantly absorbed by the beauty around you, find a place to sit comfortably. Close the eyes softly and allow the breath to become the focal point. Notice the journey of breath into the body and, with each exhalation, feel the body release to relaxation a little more. Notice how the breath deepens and slows. Thoughts will come and go. Observe them drifting by like the clouds but try not to follow them. Stay centred and keep bringing your awareness back to the breath. After about five minutes, open your eyes slowly. Notice the sense of peacefulness within and appreciate the intense beauty without.

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Martha Sloan June 4, 2011 - 3:02 pm

I feel I’ve just meditated after having simply read the article. Beautifully written.

Nora Corrigan June 5, 2011 - 3:19 am

Yvonne ,that was fab.I used to do alot of meditation and relaxation when I went through my cancer 12yrs ago.Wish I had an artical to read like yours back then.Would not have been on my anxiety med as I was.


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