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Sound Healing Miracles – By Maan Kantar

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spiritual healers Dublin

The power of soothing sound

The door knocks and in comes a lady with a 3 year old child who seems angry. She explains to me that her child is aggressive and has bitten another child, and she feels desperate about this constant issue. Indeed, while she is explaining things, the child starts screaming and shouting in a violent way.

spiritual healers Dublin

I gently lift him off the ground and lay him on my table. I choose a heart bowl to play – within seconds he calms down and within minutes he falls asleep. The mother is surprised, and the power of sound always amazes me.

Everyone knows that our body is made mostly of water, thus the vibration of sound travels to every part like a rippling wave, soothing the nervous system and making each cell vibrate to release any blockages and be energised. Welcome to Connecting Within!

We set up our Sound Healing Academy around 3 years ago after having worked with sound since the year 2000. And what a journey it has been.

We started working discretely on a 1-to-1 basis, growing steadily by word of mouth, but the growing demand meant sharing the knowledge and helping it to spread.

At our Sound Healing Academy, we combine our knowledge of Tibetan Singing Bowls with the practice of Advanced Emotional, Physical and Spiritual work. As such, our system is unique, and has been successful in helping many people facing a wide range of challenges from soul searching, to Depression, and other health issues such as Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis amongst others.


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