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Fergus Drennan’s Year of 100% Wild Food

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forage Ireland wild food

Fergus Drennan is aiming to live for an entire year solely (100%) on Wild food, which, even for someone with his extraordinary foraging experience, is quite the daunting task.

forage Ireland wild food

Fergus Drennan

Because this is, quite literally, the unexplored territory of our age, Fergus is asking for the help and support of the wider community. Not only will his experiences help lay the psychic groundwork for a new way of being in the world, his findings may help us navigate our path forward with a greater depth of knowledge and understanding. Is it possible? How best can we utilise wild food all year round? How does it affect him personally and socially? What are the ecological implications?

Fergus says: “We have all played the ‘What if?’ game, imagining what it would be like – including the benefit to ourselves and others – if we did a specific thing every day, or simply more often. I think that to turn such hypothetical imaginings into a living, breathing and vibrant reality, we need to draw on our own unique skills, gifts and talents. In my case, for whatever mysterious reason, my unique sphere of skill and activity lies within the world of foraging and wild food. So-called food security is a perennial issue and, indeed, issues concerning food and the way we as human beings feed ourselves, are of profound importance. Given its ancient pedigree, an exploration focussing on wild food and foraging, in particular, will throw up valuable insights in such a context.”

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If you want to support him in any way, you can email him at ferguspd22@hotmail.com or donate at www.indiegogo.com/one-year-total-wild-food


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