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Touch for Health by Kinesiologist & Acupuncturist, Anja Ottenheim

by Patrick
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Kinesiologist, Acupuncturist, Touch for Health Instructor By Anja Ottenheim

A touching tale of healing

gentle therapies

For me, the human body is so well designed that it also has a warning system, just like a flashing light in a car. For instance, how sadness can be seen reflected in one’s posture, and how fear can translate into lower back pain. Or when I have a headache after eating cheese, this could tell me that I have sensitivity to dairy. Energy pathways in my body can link a pain in the back of my knee to my gallbladder.

Coming from a healthcare background where it was only possible to treat the physical ailments without looking at the complete picture, I felt that there was something missing. There should be a tool that is able to help the body’s balancing ability. I found this tool to be Touch for Health.

With the use of muscle testing, I can evaluate many aspects of a person’s health and lifestyle, and discover the hidden causes of many problems. Also, they don’t have to wait for results; most of the time, they feel them immediately.

The most beautiful thing about Touch for Health is that everybody can learn it. I use it as a first aid in my family home.

After practicing and teaching Touch for Health for many years, I am still amazed and excited to see the wonderful results in changing people’s lives.



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