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A Voice from the Temple, Stewart Pearce

by Patrick
angels of atlantis

Angelic Information and Sacred Sounds, Stewart Pearce

angels of atlantis

Angelic chakra balancing through sound was created by the Angels of Atlantis for the multi-dimensional evolution that presently occurs within our bodies and the heart of the Cosmos. It arises from a Temple of Sound Healing, created over the last twenty-five years, which is known as The Alchemy of Voice and is a sanctuary for love, joy, inspiration, wellbeing, hope and truth – qualities or virtues that create enduring grace and uplift the very fabric of our lives.

The power of the sonic chakra recalibration is evoked by the essence of angelic elixir in conjunction with a series of vowel tones which powerfully accelerate the vibrational development of our twelve bio-computers. In turn, these wheels of chakra light regulate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual flow of force throughout our whole being (seven in the dense body, and five within the light body) each of which metaphorically and literally represent a stage of life development.

At the heart of the process resonates the sacred seed syllable OM, clustered around the twelve vowel tones, for sound energy lies at the core of creation, and envelopes the vibrating world with an unseen membrane. Once created, these sonic meditations enhance integration and balance, powerfully assisted by the great ‘sound field’, which has the sole intention of bringing about harmony.

To explore more information, please do visit www.thealchemyofvoice.com for the amazing Angelic Elixir Prayer and much more. Namaste.

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