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Stargates: A New Path to Awareness by Prageet Harris

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Prageet Harris Stragate

Stargates are a major player in the new reality. Are you ready to ride this wave of change? Prageet Harris

Prageet Harris Stragate

In 1987, I spontaneously began to channel my guide Alcazar. Soon thereafter, I was asked to create the Stargate – a sacred geometric structure which acts as an inter-dimensional doorway – a portal. The Stargate has a consciousness that responds to those gathered around it. When activated, it works closely with individual and group intention to create an energetic opening that allows participants to tangibly experience higher dimensional energy. Into this field of heightened awareness come many benevolent beings to assist in our awakening, the reactivating of dormant DNA, and the downloading of codes and information to align us with our higher purpose.

“And so, what would this structure, Stargate, have to do with the structure of the DNA of each of the beings gathered? Could it be that there is an internal portal, a gateway that can take you higher to a space that you never before thought possible?” ~ Kryon

Ascended Masters, Angels, Gaia and various Star families, such as the Pleiadians and Hathors, often join us to assist in these processes.

For 25 years, I have travelled throughout Western Europe, the United States, Canada and South America with the Stargate. Hundreds of workshops and thousands of people have demonstrated the awesome power of the Stargate work, and there are now Stargates all over the world.

The Stargate energies have supported people in almost instant healings of physical, mental and emotional problems, and can assist in the total removal of past karmic influences, enabling them to move forward with ease and grace into their desired path of awakening/ascension. The awakening process is about the reactivating of dormant DNA, which holds information that will completely transform your reality and your limited ideas of who you think you are. This happens simply and easily just by being in the energy fields of the Stargate, in meditations guided by me and Alcazar, accompanied by soft relaxing music.

“Beloved Ones,

We are here because of a promise made to you eons ago in your time. As humanity sank into unconsciousness, we promised we would remain with you, beyond the veil, unseen and unheard, at your side through your separation and aloneness.

We promised that, when it was time to awaken, we would remind you, assist you.

Beloved Ones, it is time. We are here. It is time to awaken, it is time to know thyself, it is time to be free!” ~ Alcazar

The beauty of the Stargate work is that there is nothing to do. Simply relax and be aware. The Stargate creates an intense, high energy field that activates your personal energy grid and supports rapid, easy changes in your life. When you realise it is easily possible to mentally, emotionally and energetically shift out of your habit patterns and limitations and to feel in control of your life again, it is an incredibly powerful and joyful experience.

The Stargate work has healed childhood sexual traumas, activated the divine feminine within, and facilitated career changes and abundance. It supports the unique new children coming to the planet, and awakens the “psychic” abilities – the natural senses we all have, which can reactivate in the higher vibrational energy fields.

There is a wave of change that is particularly strong right now. We are at the end of a major galactic cycle, and the start of a totally new beginning. It is not so obvious, but it is happening, and it is happening NOW.

“Understand, there is a new energy that is being delivered – sourced – to the earth plane. An energy that will create a powerful portal for the ascension of those who would be prepared to activate their personal grid in a way that they would connect to a stream of source that is unlimited and unconditional in its giving.” ~ Kryon

Dublin Stargate workshop in June, contact Maya@unconditionaljoy.com www.stargatesinternational.com

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