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Let Life Flow Freely – Moving forward in happiness.

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Let Life Flow Freely

Happiness and change
Moving forward in happiness.

By Trish Banks

I can say with confidence that Reflective Practice Training (RPT) can change your experience of life because it did so for me. RPT can be broken down into three component parts that when combined actually make up a practice that is so much more. The three elements are; a context for general unhappiness, a simple technique for dis-identification and a format to follow for positive and lasting change.

The first is the kind of unhappiness you experience when everything in your life is going great, you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve and have the wealth and possessions you wanted, yet you still find something is missing. It’s the loneliness you can feel in the midst of a loving relationship and the quiet feelings that can’t be explained away by any external circumstances.

The identifications we all have to our roles, our status, our intellect, our bodies and even our emotions can mistakenly be assumed to be who you are. RPT teaches you to first see where you’ve placed your sense of self and step back into a deeper place that is the authentic self.

Lastly, being able to instigate positive change, this comes from having a new perspective and following a formula that applies to any aspect of your life you want to change. It’s a simple formula but not necessarily an easy one. First comes awareness, then comes will. But RPT helps you understand where your will gets stuck and what steps can be taken in order to free it. It’s as practical as it is mystical.


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