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Take a Deep Breath – Open to intuition to embrace change.

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Take a Deep Breath

awareness breathing

Open to intuition to embrace change.

By Kate Curtis

In numerous cultures, there have always been ways to access what are known as altered or enhanced states of consciousness and these methods are still practiced in many parts of the world. Different systems of breathing help to reach these states enabling us to access parts of our minds otherwise locked off.

Holotropic Breathwork is a system developed by Dr. Stanaslov Grof in the 60’s that helps facilitate this for deep transformational healing that anyone can incorporate into their lives. Dr. Gorf creates the method after he observed how the breath was used within many ancient civilisations. Deep healing and deep insights can occur when we open our hearts and this can help make that happen.

With the hectic, high energy of modern, Western culture, the closure of our hearts seems to have come about in order to survive a harsh, fast world. Our intuitive natures are not as honoured as they once were, by ourselves or by society. The beauty of nature and of Mother Earth is far removed and as such the ability to maintain this open heartedness can be challenging.

Never has there been such a need for groups and communities of people who are able to access these states of innate wisdom which will help to guide them. By holding this energy within ourselves, we can also help to keep ourselves and our loved ones well and strong during times of change, and transformation.


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