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Healing the causes of persistent health conditions.

The Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy, which has four practitioners in Ireland, uses a method created by Dr. Isaac Goiz Juarez in Mexico. Due to the benefi ts reported by numerous clients it has now spread much further afi eld. The practice uses medium strength magnets to neutralise the parasites, bacteria and viruses which are causing you to become unwell. Along with this, emotional, ancestral and spiritual health and balance are cared for as another important part of the healing and balancing process. Raymond Cadwell, Director of the Institute, and a biomagnetism practitioner, previously worked in organisational psychology, organisational change management consultancy as a coach, mentor and guide and now dedicates his time to healing.

Lindy Gibbon, who had developed fibromyalgia went to the Institute and shared her experience. After her fi rst visit, she felt no change and admits she was disappointed. But a month later, she returned again, this time with a back problem as well as her other symptoms and from that session on, she began to improve. She says her fi bromyalgia symptoms cleared entirely. “I have now been pain free for three months with no back pain since my last treatment. My joy has returned and everyone says how much better I look. I am learning to harness my new found energy for my own healing and I feel alive and vibrant again for the fi rst time in two years. I am so grateful for the gift of the healing I was given and highly recommend the approach. They are a very special team with beautiful soul, wisdom and compassion.”


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