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Feng Shui Flow – Home is Where the Flow is

by Admin

By Edel Cleary

What I have found, in the past 18 years of studying and working with feng shui, is that it is deeper, more profound, and yet simpler, than any one explanation can encompass. The energy we surround ourselves with, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, how we internalise this and reflect it back into our world is a process as simple and vital as breathing.

Feng shui provides us with a system through which we can analyse what it is about our homes that is working for us and what might be impeding our progress. Feng shui is about dynamic balance, not static perfection. The energy in every area of our lives ebbs and flows, exactly as it does in nature and that’s just how it should be! It’s a process of germination, birth, growth, blossoming, shedding and dying back. If we were to live in static perfection there would be no growth.

Feng shui provides us with a prism through which we can gain clarity on our place in this process so that we can relax and go with the flow while still having a firm hand on the rudder. Not floating aimlessly, but moving gently forward, easily and effortlessly on our journey through life. The most important thing to remember is to surround yourself with what you love. Go through your space regularly and weed out anything that is no longer ‘you’, ensuring each element feels uplifting and joyful along the way.


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