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The Buddha Bag Meeting: Lulu & Mischka, Two Souls in Concert

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Lulu & Mischka2

Facebook Event Page | Monday, July 18th, 6:30pm | Eur 20/15 Concession

Location: The Buddha Bag is going NY Loft style with a hint of adventure! 5 The Grain store, Distillery Loft, Distillery Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 3 is your main clue! Just go there and lovely signs will guide you to our two beautiful souls for the evening. 

Lulu and Mischka are coming to Europe to share the chants and sounds from their two albums as well as new mantras and songs. In their words: “Our hearts prayer is to touch hearts, allow all people to fill up with love, encourage through song and silence to remember your own heart’s prayer so we can support one another in the awakening of humanity to live in peace and harmony with each other and our precious planet and all beings.”

Join us on this beautiful night of chants and songs!

More about Lulu & Mischka

Lulu & Mischka, 2 souls devoted to supporting the awakening of humanity through music and stillness. The Australia based international couple comes to share their message and soulful songs with you to sing as one. Ancient mantras meet English lyrics, modern melodies fuse with magical harmonies, enriched by Lulu’s lush vocals. This couple offers a chance to join their radiant journey into the powerful practice of chanting. They believe that coming together in the magical energy of joyful heart songs brings us closer to each other, further away from separation and deeper into Truth… leaving you with peace of mind and ?lled with inner Joy. Blissful, ecstatic & meditative…. Hearts wide open.


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