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The Buddha Bag Meeting: Abundance, Wealth & Service with Amy McDonald

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Facebook Event Page | The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8 | Thursday July 14th, 8pm

Australian Yoga business coach, Amy McDonald, is on a mission to raise our abundance consciousness. She aims her message to all of us, whether Yoga teachers, Healers, Holistic practitioners or anyone with a practice based on kindness and service, so we can serve more, earn more, and enjoy more! In this 90-minute discussion Amy will explain why prosperity is an essential part of our path and how we can walk it with truth and alignment.

She’ll also answer your ‘nuts and boltsy’ questions about marketing (without feeling ‘salesy’), pricing (with authenticity and integrity) and supporting your business self as you continue to serve and support your clients and students.

Join us for this amazing and educational evening!

More about Amy

Amy McDonald supports Yoga teachers and holistic practitioners to grow abundant businesses. A qualified Yoga teacher and transformational coach, Amy blends together marketing and biz building skills with the philosophical teachings of Yoga to make abundance approachable and in alignment with healers walking a spiritual path. Originally from Australia, Amy travels most of the time with her virtual business, teaching, learning and working with clients.


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