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Don’t Die With The Music Inside & Zoom Event

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Our Winter 2023 Issue is out now! Pick up a copy at a health shop near you or subscribe to have the Positive Life Magazine delivered to your door each season here: https://www.positivelife.ie/subscribe/

Here we have an article from the mag as well as details to a Zoom event with the fantastic Jane Stephenson!

I first heard this mantra from Wayne Dyer, one of my favourite teachers, who passed away in 2015. It has always struck me as a hard one to follow; after all, what IS the music? Is it a book I haven’t written, or have I already put the music out there? It is a message to remind us all to endeavour to reach our full potential and that, as Deepak Chopra says in the Law of Dharma, we have a duty to share our talents with the world? I am now seventy years old, and though I am not in imminent danger of dying (apart from a life well lived), I am aware of the march of time. I try to remind myself that I HAVE done a lot, and the ‘Music’ doesn’t have to be a major attention-getting achievement, but can be simply a feeling of fulfilment for creating something worthwhile.

When we face up to challenges in our lives and overcome them, there can
be a great sense of achievement. I have had many challenges; one of the hardest was returning to live in Ireland and starting again as a divorced mother with two small children. It was not easy being divorced in Ireland in 1995, and I found myself isolated. I see this now as a learning and growth opportunity. I took comfort in reading and researching personal development books like Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway (Susan Jeffers), Your Erroneous Zones (Wayne Dyer), Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert Pirsig), The Cinderella Complex (Colette Dowling) and of course Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by the wonderful Deepak Chopra. I noticed that this industry was growing rapidly as the self-help sections in bookshops expanded every month.

I created Seminars.ie in 1998, by contacting publishers and inviting authors to come and give talks in Ireland, and they did! I soon had a busy event business and met some wonderful people. My first ‘big’ name was Deepak Chopra, then Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton and many others. Probably the largest crowds were at Eckhart Tolle’s talks, where his book The Power of Now was becoming a household name. Eckhart now does huge events for thousands of people, and I recently attended his talk at the Albert Hall in London. It is always worth listening to these teachers in person; the audience was transfixed, and the atmosphere was life-affirming and loving. I am now working with Paul of Positive Life in partnering events, including two events with Bruce Lipton next year. Paul has built a wonderful business with his Positive Nights events and Positive Life magazine.

I will be giving my Best Guru Messages seminar over Zoom in January, based on what I have learnt from my speakers, so please join me for that. In the meantime, I will stop berating myself for not writing that book. It might happen naturally, but I won’t ‘Die With The Music Inside’!

I try to remind myself that I HAVE done a lot, and the ‘Music’ doesn’t have to be a major attention-getting achievement…

Zoom Webinar – The Best Guru Teachings – Jane Stephenson

Jane has met and worked with a number of well known spiritual and personal development teachers and in this talk she aims to extract the best nuggets from their teachings and share them with you.

This informal chat is to inform you on the teachings that are out there and to hopefully inspire you to bring them into your life!

Jane has worked with Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Bruce Lipton, Tony Buzan, Robert Fisk and many other inspirational teachers.

  • €20 Tickets

Secure your tickets now for this event here: https://www.seminars.ie/events/2021/zoom-webinar-the-best-guru-teachings-jane-stephenson

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