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Boost Your Brain Health: Ayurveda Sheds Light

by Alison McEvoy

In this extract from our Spring 2020 issue, our co-editor Alison McEvoy discusses how we can maximise our brain health naturally, using principles from the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda. Read on to learn more!

Boost your brain health

Ayurveda sheds light

by Alison McEvoy

While studying Ayurveda a few years back, I visited Dr Donn and found him to be an expert and highly experienced conduit for the natural wisdom of Ayurveda – aka ‘The Science of Life’.

I spoke with Dr. Brennan recently about brain health. 

Too many of us know someone, or have someone close to us, suffering with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. For too long these illnesses have been a mystery; the causes and treatment unknown. Now, we know enough to prevent them from taking hold in our old age.

The three main causes of brain degeneration are what Dr Brennan terms as “the chronic insults happening over decades” to the body and, consequently, the brain. First, is a lack of proper nourishment, or the inability of the nutrients in our food to be absorbed and assimilated by the body (aka poor digestion). Second, an accumulation of toxins –  the result of pollutants entering the body via our food, cosmetics, water and air. Third, is inflammation resulting from chronic diseases, or underlying infections, which attack the molecules of the brain. 

By taking care of the body via the food we eat, treating the small conditions we have on time, exercising and entering into deep sleep –  during which the brain flushes out a vast amount of toxins – we can regain and maintain the health and vitality of our bodies and, ultimately, our brain.

The good news is that the brain is capable of regenerating itself entirely, once we remove the “impeding factors” by eating the right food and making the lifestyle choices that serve our health best. Ayurveda has lots to share and looks at the individual – you. For more, do check out the website below.


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