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Are you living your best life right now? Asks new book ‘Taking Heaven Lightly’

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Taking Heaven Lightly, a near death experience survivor’s story, by Róisín Fitzpatrick

Taking Heaven Lightly

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‘A brilliant book with an unforgettable message.’ – Dr. Christine Ranck, co-author of besteller ‘Ignite the Genius Within’.

In 2004, without any warning, Róisín suffered a life-threatening brain haemorrhage. While in the ICU of Beaumont Hospital, she felt herself being drawn out of her body and enveloped in light. In a blissful vision of the afterlife, Róisín experienced the most powerful transformation of her life. Her experience, teaching her that ‘Heaven’ lies within each of us, that we are pure love and always at one with the eternal light changed the course of her life and how she lives in the physical world. Róisín went on to make a full recovery by integrating this newfound love and light into her daily existence.

Róisín says it has given her the freedom to truly live life and encourages readers to embrace this precious gift by asking the question: are you living your best life now?

Following her experience, Róisín also become an internationally successful visual artist using glass as her medium. With over ten exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic, including a piece on permanent display at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, her work has received great critical acclaim. In her book, she provides an inspirational guide with simple yet powerfully effective practical exercises to provide ways for the reader to be able to feel and experience this light in their own lives. Through connecting, reconnecting and staying connected with the light we can create our best lives here and now.

Róisín also weaves her near-death experience (NDE) with the eternal light – solas síoraí – of our ancient Irish myths and monuments, shining a light on our past, present and future. She shows how we can all connect with this light to enhance our daily lives, and develop a deeper connection to a sense of peace and unity beyond the physical realm. Her near death experience has been validated by Dr. Bruce Greyson, one of the pioneers and medical experts in this field in the United States for over 40 years.

Published by Hachette Ireland, Trade Paperback £13.99


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