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Event: The Buddha Bag Meeting – The Soulmate Attraction Formula with Patricia Lohan

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The Soulmate Attraction Formula

Find your soulmate

At the Buddha Bag Meeting this week, Patricia Lohan introduces us to the Soulmate Attraction Formula, perfect for men and women.

The Lantern Centre Dublin 8, Thursday 15th January, 8pm. 
€15/€10 concession | Facebook Event Page | Buddha Bag Facebook Group

Reprogramme to attract your dream partner

Patricia Lohan, aka the Love Alchemist will launch ‘The Soulmate Attraction Formula’ this February. Using a practical, spiritual and emotional approach that has proven successful for clients, and Patricia herself, this step by step approach will help women attract the man of their dreams through healing, creating a vision of the future, and making space emotionally and physically.

Patricia said, “The Soulmate Attraction Formula is about helping women to meet their soulmate without compromising themselves. This integrated approach attracts not just any man into ones life, but the right man.

The Soulmate Attraction Formula empowers women to become emotionally clear to raise your vibration and attract the kind of man you deserve. It gives clarity to the type of man you are looking for. It will teach you how to make the mindset changes you need in order to realise that you deserve your ideal relationship. It will reassure you that the man of your dreams does in fact exist.

The Soulmate Attraction Formula helps women who are in a vicious cycle of attracting the wrong type of guy into their life to reprogramme themselves, their mindset and make simple changes to help in their search. It will show women that finding the ideal man is not a mystery. Finally, it explains that being single is not a sin, but that emotionally we haven’t been able to let the right man in and we have never been taught how to raise our vibrations to attract the right man into our lives. That is until now.”

If you are in a last ditch attempt to find the man of your dreams, feel like you are “stuck” in a particular pattern in dating and relationships, or that you keep attracting the same type of man into your life – the wrong man for you, you are not alone feeling that frustration.


About Patricia:

Patricia Lohan aka The Love Alchemist is a vibrant and life-loving woman, who has travelled the world and been exposed to a world that as a child she could never have known existed. Her own journey to love has been a fun, hard, painful and exhilarating rollercoaster. By her mid-20s, she was a disaster when it came to relationships. She split up with her long-term boyfriend, thinking the relationship was the issue. A few men later, she was still miserable & decided to quit her job as a restaurant manager, move to India, and become a yoga teacher (how very Eat Pray Love!).

Returning from India, life was so much better in all aspects, except love. Lots of meeting the wrong guys followed by heartbreak and rejection. Rinse and repeat.

Patricia began working on herself and relationships and changed how she saw the world and ultimately attracted the most wonderful relationship into her world. He came into a room and sat down beside her, just like that. Her growing romance with Ken (yes his real name) showed her how important it is to be aligned with the right person and how much power their union has created.

Patricia never set out to help women find their soulmate but after doing it herself and welcoming the most wonderful relationship into the world, she began to help friends and clients do the same thing. She recognised how important it is to be aligned with the right person. Combining everything she learned from personal experience with formal training, she created The Soulmate Attraction Formula’, a streamlined, seven week course for single women who are fed up with bad relationships.

This isn’t a wishy washy course – but very actionable, easy-to-follow steps to help women change their mindset, clear blocks from all areas of their life, and manifest the love they really deserve.

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