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Growth for the Mind, Space for the Soul

by Patrick

The world we live in can feel like it’s beginning to spin faster and faster until we are caught up in a whirlwind of activity and obligations despite our best efforts at balancing and centering ourselves. These are the times when we have to make space to care for ourselves so that we can care for others, to reconnect with our deeper selves so that we can once again see that our lives are blessed.

Hunting Brook Gardens are a magical space where you can relax amid the twenty acres of tranquil tropical and woodland gardens filled with rare plants overlooking the Wicklow Mountains, walk through the ancient ring fort and along the brook, sit and listen to bird song, breathe deeply, feel your body unwind.

Hunting Brook also offers a series of courses ranging from gardening and cookery to holistic healthcare, arts, crafts and more where you can engage with passionate instructors and enrich your mind.

Hunting Brook is run by Jimi Blake, professional gardener and speaker, and is also his home. The Garden Room is used for most of our courses and is also available for hire by instructors, groups or businesses for courses or events.

For garden opening times, directions, course listings and other information, please visit our web site www.huntingbrook.com or ring Jimi on 087 285 6601.

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