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Aloha House have a wonderful retreat coming up later this month. Immerse yourself in a 3 or 8 day Lomi Lomi training retreat

Lomi Lomi Training Retreat

Ancient Hawaiian healing bodywork – Lomi Lomi Training Retreat at Aloha House. Taking place from the 21 – 29 May in the beautiful Aloha House. 

“It’s the one thing that is so unique to Lomi, I feel – The Aloha. People feel it when they receive treatment or training. As a witness, I know that Lomi moves mountains for people.”
Louise McEvoy.

Aloha House is a tranquil, vibrant and comfortable holistic retreat centre and guest house. It is located in Killorglin, Co. Kerry – right in the heart of the scenic Reeks District – Overlooking the beautiful River Laune and world-famous MacGillycuddy Reeks mountain range and run by husband-and-wife team Brian and Louise McEvoy.

Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian word for “massage”, though its deeper meaning and application has many layers. Traditionally, this healing art was practised within families, each with their own unique style, and passed on by the elder to a chosen family member to continue the lineage.

Aloha – the unity, honesty, humility, love and alertness contained within its spirit – does indeed spread healing balm on inner landscapes scarred with old hurts and pain. Louise feels deeply that what we need to do in these times is turn to the heart, the seat of Aloha. “Everyone has the ability to connect with the heart. We need to return the heart of Mother Nature to herself, through our own hearts.” Through reconnecting with our hearts and giving them what they need, we cultivate the ability to unconditionally love ourselves, others and care for our beloved earth. Aloha

Lomi Lomi is rooted in ancient Polynesian knowledge & a unique way of thinking & seeing the world. In order to understand what Lomi Lomi is, the deeper applications of this work, there is a need to explore Hawaiian consciousness. To Get to the roots and foundation of what it is, where it comes from, and what is asked of us in order to be able to practise this work. Louise emphasises the importance of this being “especially important if we are non-Hawaiians…To have respect for this sacred work, we must have a connection with the people, the source, the land, the stories, the language, the chants, the prayers, the protocols, the way of thinking, the proverbs, the dance, the myths & legends”.

Read on to find out more about this life changing retreat.

Discover Lomi Lomi
Introduction: 3 days Certified Practitioner: 8 days
Lomi Lomi training with Lomi Lomi Ireland offers the opportunity for you to learn bodywork that is rooted in the ancient Hawaiian culture. The foundation for Bodywork is spiritual knowledge and consciousness, which you will spend time exploring. This is an ongoing journey that you will need to embark on, that goes beyond this initial foundational training.

Certified practitioners will be there to point you in the right direction for further study. Training includes learning some Oli (Hawaiian chants) and Pule (Hawaiian prayers) to develop our spiritual connection. You will learn about coming into alignment with yourself and this sacred practice, by following a protocol of respect and ceremony. The bodywork is the vehicle for the delivery of mana and aloha.

To access this powerful healing energy, we may need to identify and let go of some of our own pohaku (stones) in our bowl of light, so that we can deliver the full potential of this healing work. It is important to note that the training together goes beyond learning the physical aspect of Lomi Lomi (just the massage) and it will include the foundation of spiritual teachings, oli, pule & mo’olelo (stories).

Find out more about this Lomi Lomi retreat and the amazing work of Louise and Brian at Aloha House here: alohahouse.ie/lomi-lomi-training/

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