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Positively Newsworthy – Summer 2008

by Patrick

The following is an excerpt from The Dalai Lama’s Book of Love & Compassion“I feel that television and newspapers usually report negative things. Killings, for example, or unfortunate events are immediately reported. In the meantime, millions of people are actually receiving help, or being nourished or looked after by human affection, such as millions of children, sick and old people. But usually in people’s minds these good things are taken for granted. They are not seen as something to which we should pay special attention. Actually, this shows that the very nature of humanity is compassion or affection. We simply ignore all the work of affection because it seems natural. But we are surprised at things like bloodshed; it shocks our minds because our nature is not of that kind.
Anyway, I think it is equally important to make a clear presentation to the human mind of the other, good, human qualities. … If we let hatred guide us then we can be so cruel and so destructive. But on the other hand, if we promote good human qualities, then wonderful actions and marvelous things can happen. Likewise, the media should show both sides. That is what I always feel.”

Luckily for us, its becoming more and more easy to access Positive News stories. On the internet alone, there’s at least a dozen decent positive news websites from all around the world, reporting on everything from Renewable Energy breakthroughs to Free Hugs campaigns.

Here’s a sample…

Chocolate Car’s Breakthrough Voyage
Andy Pag and John Grimshaw, traveled 5,280 miles from Poole in England to Timbuktu in Mali, using 454 gallons of fuel made from four tonnes of waste chocolate. It became the first carbon-negative voyage in the world. For more, check out http://www.positivenews.org.uk/

The Longest Walk
In San Francisco, California, on February 11 more than two hundred participants began the Longest Walk 2, a five month cross-country journey on foot to spread their message that all life is sacred. For more, check out http://www.positivenewsus.org/

Hugging phenomenon continues path across Asia
More and more people are exchanging hugs as a way of showing support to one another. For example, Korean students are now organizing their own hugging events to offer support after exams are completed and Naver, a Korean online portal has reported that literally thousands of people have joined an online hugging community. For more, check out http://www.only-positive-news.com/

Stay tuned for more Positive News Stories next issue. :)


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