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Summer 2011 issue OUT NOW!!!

by Patrick

We’re celebrating 3 years creating Positive Life in style by offering you our Exclusive Interviews with DEEPAK CHOPRA and DAVID LYNCH, as well as insights from THICH NHAT HANH, on Meditation. We’ve kept our fuller-bodied 56 page layout, with lots of big and little editorials on a whole host of holistic lifestyle topics such as Raw Food, Restful Sleep and Manliness.

In his intro, our chief, Paul Congdon, shares the amazingly synchronistic story of how he came to own and run Positive Life, and I’d like to share that with you now:

“Good luck is opportunity meeting preparedness.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Beginning here now…

In May 2006, I attended a talk by Deepak Chopra at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. At the event, I noticed the cover of a magazine entitled Positive Life. Deirdre Patel, the owner, introduced herself and said she had set it up on her own but needed some help with the advertising. At the time, I was working as an ad salesman, so, on a part-time basis, a perfect synergy began.

My overwhelming desire at the time was to do something I loved with a spiritual flavour. I worked with Deirdre until April 2008 when she decided to sell the magazine…to me. My first issue came out in Summer 2008. And now, dear reader, you hold in your hands our Summer 2011 edition with Deepak Chopra on the front cover. It’s come full circle, or, as Deepak would say, “SYNCHRODESTINY.”

This Summer, let’s all play a part in each other’s dreams.


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