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A Rhythmic Female Tempo, By Kath Clements

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A Rhythmic Female Tempo

Mooncup review

By Kath Clements

Natural steps to a positive period

One woman will menstruate around 500 times in her life: marking out a rhythmic tempo from menarche to menopause. Rather than seeking to deny this deeply feminine cycle, or shun it as ‘the curse’, what if we were to re-vision its physical and psychological feedback as guidance? Psychotherapist and menstrual health expert, Alexandra Pope, calls us to at first just listen to its intimate message.

“Our menstrual suffering, that’s so often passed off as ‘normal’ is neither normal nor our lot. The menstrual cycle is the stress sensitive system in women. When we experience distressing symptoms, it’s a signal to attend to our overall health and place in the world.”

Away from the call of responsibilities to others, the very act of observing the menstrual cycle and how you feel at different stages can help in being more authentically embodied and present. As we grow to act in alignment with the inner promptings of this innate personal coach – urging us towards space, creativity, rest or productivity – so we may also find greater empowerment and even relief.

Consciously choosing the right sanitary product for you is a step towards positive periods, so it’s encouraging that feminine hygiene advertising’s language of shame, embarrassment and secrecy is also giving way to a playful new conversation. Check out Hello Flo’s ‘Camp Gyno’ and the Tampon vs Mooncup rap on YouTube for some real game-changers.

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