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Positive Business: Superlife

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Irish superfoods

Irish superfoods

Interviewed by Elva Carri

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Tayla and Diarmuid own and run Superlife. Both avid fans of travel, they met in Thailand four years ago and discovering they had a great connection, decided to set up a superfood company that they could run from anywhere in the world, would support them in having a ‘Superlife’ and would inspire and help others to have a Superlife too.

Why superfoods?

“I love food and I’ve been into food my whole life,” Tayla tells me. “When I started working with clients, most of the people that came to me were either overweight and wanted to lose weight or felt sluggish or struggled with sugar cravings. Our original superfood mix was based on a recipe I was using with my clients and they were getting amazing benefits; really balancing their sugar levels, overcoming sugar cravings, losing weight and didn’t feel as hungry.” Tayla also told me about how this had worked wonders for Diarmuid’s own sugar cravings. “And what’s unique about our products is that they are 100% superfoods, there’s nothing at all added, it’s really nature at its best. Our mission really is to make healthy eating very easy for people, a lot of people want to eat healthy but just don’t know what to do, or have heard about superfoods but don’t know how to use them or which one they should go for. We make blends so people don’t have to think too much but still enjoy the results.”

Their own food challenges

Tayla: When I met Diarmuid, he was really addicted to sugar and unhealthy foods and I put him on that original smoothie mix and the cravings left very quickly. Because superfoods give you so much nutrition and really a lot of them balance your sugar levels and then it’s so much easier to eat healthy, because you’re not craving anything.”

They both previously had their own businesses so when they set up Superlife, they wanted to do it in such a way that they still had an amazing life that wasn’t just about work.

Diarmuid: When we set up Superlife we decided we have to create it in a way that we can still do the stuff we love. You learn through your experiences so we created Superlife from a more mature and probably more awake and practical base rather than getting caught up running around like a headless chicken, you can step back and be very intelligent about it.

From what I’ve read it seems you love to travel, do still get to?

Diarmuid: Yes that’s number one actually. And next year we’re going to live in Bali! And we can run the business from there.

Advice for others starting or running their own businesses…?

Diarmuid: It’s really important to know what you’re good at and it’s equally important to know what you’re not good at. Stick with what you’re good at because it’s your talent and it’ll flow naturally.

And their upcoming Superlife programme..

Tayla: The way it’s going to work is you sign up to the Healthy Habit Programme through our website and the first 500 people get a free 300g original superfood mix to start using right away. Every day you’ll get a short email and video. The main thing is that it’s not too much information, it’s more about inspiration and easy, baby steps to follow. You have to break your goals down.


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