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Full Audio of Interview with Aaravindha Himadra, Speaking at the Conscious Concert this Weekend

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Aaravindha Himadra

Positively planning this weekend? Plan it in the direction of the RDS where Aaravindha Himadra who visited the Himalayas will be talking about some special messages he received from some wise ancients masters.

The Conscious Concert, being held in the RDS on March 28th is an evening-time event that invites cutting edge spiritual speakers and sacred musicians from all over the world to share their gifts. The line-up is a blend of sacred wisdom and quality spiritual music. The purpose of Conscious Concert is to raise positive vibrations in Ireland and the world, to provide a sacred space for consciousness to be awakened and deepened.

Listen to the audio of our interview with lead speaker Aaravindha Himadra below. He even has some advice on how to best prepare for and enjoy this weekend’s event!

Or read the interview as featured in our spring issue of the magazine below. Stockists | Subscribe in time for summer.

Invitation to an immortal perspective.

Interviewed by Elva Carri

Aaravindha Himadra is the author of ‘Immortal Self’, a book that tells the story of his journey to the Himalayas to visit the masters of the Amartya tradition; a spiritual community he explains as ancient, reclusive and predating any other religious or spiritual belief. He describes how one of the masters came to him in a vision as a child, how he was later approached by one in a marketplace in India and how he finally made the journey after another vision called him to do so. In his book and through his teaching, he divulges the sacred lessons he learned there.

If you could teach everyone in the world one thing… Something we’ve always had, and that is our ability for compassion. In the east it’s called Karuna and different than what we sometimes think of as compassion in the west – as a kindness or empathy. Compassion is an ancient spiritual art which requires us to become very present and acknowledge the moment. And this is something anyone can do. What is now? Where are we? What is going on right now? And if we feel truthfully into our condition, we can feel our difficulties and our hopes. If our hopes are based on illusion, they’ll feel like a weight, but if they’re based on our essential nature, they’ll feel as light as a feather.

You’ve said before that problems aren’t against us but for us… Problems if anything are very much like an invitation, you might say the divine gives us problems, in order to bring us closer, because if we don’t have problems, we don’t access our creative intelligence. If we’re healthy, we take problems on in a way that challenge our intelligence and we find ourselves becoming more focussed and more capable. The more profound the problem, the closer we are to our essential nature.

Do you think love is the guiding force behind all things? I think love is the first and last mystery in our lives. Love occurs as your natural state of being when you give up all resistance to the truth of your being and you’ve no doubt experienced it at different times in your life. When we move everything out of the way, all of the emotional distortions, what we realise is this pure desire to be of the one. If we give it no resistance, we experience that as the currents of bliss, and the reason we experience this is because we are in a state of love. That’s the foundation for everything. That’s the foundation for enlightenment.

On Immortality: “The moon gazes into the sea below; it sees its image in every wave. It mistakenly imagines itself to be a wave. In truth—it is not there!” These waves are merely our potential lives cycling through their endless would-be-forms inside the dreaming power of our one great Intelligence. The gazing moon, our psyche, is all the while, secretly empowered by the one sun compelling our path from behind our curtain of thoughts—quietly thinning away our mortality to return us to an everlasting life. The sea beneath the moon is merely our dreamt sense of things, ever-changing on an Akashic field in which our self-image only appears to exist—a passing glimpse of something infinitely larger. We are not the wave; or the moon—we are the Immortal Sun.

And you’re speaking at the Conscious Concert, do you have any advice for people attending? A way they can prepare? Don’t focus on what you can achieve but what you can let go of, so you can truly enjoy the experience. The Conscious Concert as I’ve seen it brings about a kind of festivity that we need so much in this world. We need a place where we can laugh together and enjoy each other and listen to each other and open our hearts. My feeling is that what we do for ourselves, we do for the world – what we do for the world, we do for ourselves. And these kinds of things are a perfect opportunity to exercise that.

Aaravindha is speaking at the Conscious Concert Ireland, taking place in the RDS, March 28th 2015. aaravindha.com | consciousconcert.ie

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