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Tara Appproach Review – Ease into Healing, by Paul Congdon

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Sunday morning football got my juices flowing nicely before I headed to Dunderry park to meet with Stephanie Mines PHD, the creator of the Tara Approach. It’s a healing modality that releases shock and trauma by combining Jin Shin Jyutsu, neuroscience and the use of language to restore true health.

Stephanie is a truly lovely, caring soul and even her presence is healing the moment you meet her. A session usually takes about two hours and involves some dialogue so Stephanie can get to the root of the problem and release it from its origins. I lay on a plinth and began to receive the series of energy holds from the Jin Shin tradition. Jin Shin is a subtle energy medicine system informed by pulse diagnosis and energy pathways on the etheric body elegantly referred to as ‘the rivers of splendour’.

I could feel my body begin to cool its jets as Stephanie performed the series of holds and listened in to my body’s response for feedback. Stephanie holds a safe and healing space that allows you to unfold and relax as the session eases you into a space where release can take place. After my session, I felt calm and relaxed and joined the workshop group for dinner, such lovely people exploring the world of healing in the hands of an inspiring teacher. Stephanie is based in the US, and plans to visit Ireland again next year. The main advocate of her work in Ireland is Suzie Mcgreevy. If you’re feeling the call, this is a worthy method to add to your life whether for self-healing or helping others.


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