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Mystery in the Mundane – Deepening Awareness and Experience, by Jody Mountain

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This is taken from our spring 2015 issue. | Subscribe in time for the summer issue and three more.

Jody Mountain, Lomi Lomi

Who are you? Outside of our learned identity and societal roles, ancient wisdom offers ever-deepening perceptions of who we are as human beings. In one sense, you are the combined energy of all your experiences, sensations, impressions, thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams — the accumulated energy of every moment you’ve ever experienced. On another level, you are the Great Mystery of Life Itself, opening its eyes to the world through your unique perceptions.

In Ancient Hawaiian Mysticism, these varying depths of seeing are called ‘Kaona’. In our lives, we inhabit many different ‘Kaona’ depending on which level of ‘reality’ we attend. We can focus on ‘the daily grind’ or we can choose to deepen our awareness into the Mystery, even in the most mundane of situations, by observing the Source from which we approach things.

All perceptions are ‘true’ and even useful, on the levels at which they exist, but in any given moment taking our attention to the rhythms of our breath, heartbeat, sensations, colours, shapes and impressions within and without, can begin to bring us into alignment with the Mystery of Life in our cells. Here, we enter the realm of the unknown, the realm of infi nite possibility. As you open this listening inside yourself, you may notice a shift in your external experience. In this profound practice, we more fully embody our essential resonance, unmasking the Mystery, which reveals itself in all that we meet.


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