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Feng Shui Winter Sneak Peek: In Your Element

by Amanda Sophia

Calculate Feng Shui Element

Calculating your Feng Shui element and trigram.

By Amanda Collins

Finding out your personal Feng Shui element can allow you to bring things in to your environment that will feed you to thrive and help you to position yourself in directions that will improve flow. Essence Colors are colours that feed you. For example, if you’re a number 9, then your element is fire. Wood is the element that feeds fire, so bringing in little amounts of red/sunlight, red colors and wood or plants will help support you in your home – red because it represents the fire element. Your essence colours also help to support your energy and are the best colours for things that touch your body, such as clothing, bed sheets, even the colour of your car. Also bring in wood and green colours, as these represent wood – which feeds the fire!

Your Personal Best Direction is your best location for prosperity and great fame and it’s recommended to have your back face this direction for productivity. When setting up your desk both at home or in the office, position yourself with your back to this direction. In your living room and dining room again position your back to these directions and you will be constantly supported while sitting. If you want to improve sleep, put the headboard of your bed facing the best sleeping direction.

Calculating the Male Trigram

1. Subtract 1 from the birth year if born between January 1st and February 5th.
2. Add all the digits of your birth year until it reduces to a single number.
3. Subtract this single number from 11. The result is your Trigram number.
4. If the result is 5, the gua becomes 2. (i.e., a man born on 1/23/1978 would use 1977 – see rule #1, 1+9+7+7=24, 2+4=6, 11-6=5, 5 becomes 2)

Calculating the Female Trigram

1. Steps one and two are the same as above.
3. Add 4 to this single number. The result is your Trigram number.
4. If the result is 5, the gua becomes 8. (i.e., a woman born on 1/23/1978 would use 1977, 1+9+7+7=24, 2+4=6, 6+4=10, 1+0=1)

Your Number is 1 and Your Element is Water

  • You are flexible, yet focused and determined. You’re empathetic, artistic and given to deep thought but tend to worry too much and may be overly sensitive.
  • Essence Colours: Black, indigo or dark blue
  • Colours that feed you: Gold, silver and grey.
  • Element that feeds you: Metal
  • Water’s shape: Wavy and curvy patterns
  • Water material: Metal fountains, aquariums and pools
  • Personal Best direction: Southeast
  • Best location for sleeping: North

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