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The Cosy Nook: An Irish Feng Shui Company With a Difference

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If you’re looking for a lift to your home, make sure you check out up-and-coming Irish company, The Cosy Nook Feng Shui. The business is the brainchild of Feng Shui consultant Rachelle Hicks, who is passionate about helping people to maximise the potential of their homes, which can in turn help them to find abundance, joy and serenity.

The Irish Feng Shui Company With a Difference

When you book a session with Rachelle, you are taught how to understand the energy of your home or workplace using the ancient science of Feng Shui. She will help you to nurture your space so that it, in turn, can support you.

A number of consultation options are available through Cosy Nook Feng Shui. The One Nook option consists of a one-room or one-hour chat, covering basic Feng Shui principles and how you can begin to live clutter-free. The Two Nook option covers two rooms or a two-hour chat, which includes basic Feng Shui principles, how to live clutter free, and an energetic space clearing. Super Nook includes a ‘Feng Shui check up’ of your home or business, plus all of the above perks.

The Cosy Nook Detox is a consultation in which you get to explore Feng Shui concepts in great depth, create an energetic chart of your home, and discover which elements you can bring in to balance your space. This package is a combination of astrology, acupuncture and Reiki – for your home. It includes everything available in the Super Nook option, plus much more. To view all options, click here.

Rachelle says, ‘home is savouring simple pleasures. It’s finding intimate, magical moments in the every day. Taking the time to make a cup of coffee; saying thank you to your clothes as you fold your laundry; enjoying the look of well-stacked blankets, and even more the unravelling of them as you cuddle up with your favourite person on the bed.’

‘My greatest happiness with The Cosy Nook is helping people become aware of how their home or workspace is a reflection of their inner world,’ she explains. ‘With this awareness, anyone can transform their environment into a space that supports their own greatest happiness in life.’


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