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We Recommend: The Mindful Warrior Facilitator Course

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Become A Mindful Warrior For The Young People You Work With.

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The Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme kicks off again this May.  It’s a training course that focuses on the mind and body as an engine for living and is especially designed for those wishing to bring mindfulness to young people and deliver a  proven programme in their own school or centre.

Put together over ten years by a team made up of Caitriona McColgan, Niamh Bruce and Brother Richard Hendricks, the programme is unique in that it anticipates, adapts and responds to the changing needs of young people and those who work with them through a framework based on rites of passage and ongoing development.

As Caitriona McColgan told us:

“Storytelling, synesthetic dialogue and mindful movement are used to create integration and to allow participants and those they work with to begin to acknowledge and form a sense of belonging to a tribe within their own lives.”

Having completed the training, trainees reported that it added value, meaning and purpose to both their personal and working lives. As one  teacher put it:

“This course is so powerful that I foresee it developing the human being which is why I wanted to become a teacher in the first place. I have been blindly trying to do this but now after being initiated through the journey of the Warrior I feel confident to deliver a course which will give students real tools for life.”

At the Sanctuary their philosophy is to start with the adults, to evoke a process that moves from disconnection to connection so that they will be empowered to facilitate a similar occurrence in the young people they work with.

It’s in that spirit that the Warrior Programme was designed.

Check here to learn more & to sign up!

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