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Kasia Slabon and Lukasz Krzywon are the mindfulness trainers behind Sound Magic Ireland, a leading sound bath facilitator in Ireland since 2011. Keep reading to hear about their story and experience with the incredible healing of sound. 

Sound Magic Ireland: http://www.soundmagicireland.com

Many ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions claim that sound is the primordial force from which the universe itself emerged. From this perspective, everything, from the cosmos to our individual lives, is a symphony orchestrated by the vibrations of creation.

Sound baths, with their ability to tap into the transformative power of wide range of frequencies, provide a unique and accessible pathway to wellness by tapping to this source. It’s not a secret that sound and music was part of medicine practices across the globe since times immemorial. As we attune ourselves to the resonant frequencies of existence, we may find that the symphony of sound has the potential to guide us toward a more harmonious and balanced life.

Participants often report a sense of deep relaxation, reduced stress, and an increased sense of inner peace. Transformative effects of sound baths are as diverse as the individuals who partake in them, anything from alleviating physical pain to promoting mental clarity and emotional release. Some even speak of profound spiritual awakening and a renewed connection to their inner selves.

Sound healing came into my life in my early twenties. It was nearly twenty years ago, I just met my husband and we were both interested in spirituality and exploring different holistic wellness concepts. By then sound baths have been already popularised to some degree. We have experienced our first sound bath during a yoga retreat run by our friends. We both have had an amazing experience. I was astonished how my busy mind was able to instantly relax and in a very profound way I have never experienced before. I had visions, and my body felt as I was few inches above the floor. This feeling is very common amongst participants and it is a state of mind between sleep like state and awareness of sensations in the body. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a pleasant feeling when body feels light and mind becomes quiet.

Since that day I made a decision that I will learn how to facilitate the space in which others can experience inner peace and deep rest like that. We moved to Ireland and although our lives took a different turn for a while I soon started my journey of working with sound. I started delivering sound baths in Galway in 2011. Back then not many people have heard about sound baths here and it took me few years to introduce the idea to people. Now we see sound baths grow in popularity every year. My husband joined me couple years later and since then we delivered sound bath experience to thousands of people of all ages.

As Sound Magic Ireland we play weekly sessions in Galway but also often play in Mayo, Athlone and occasionally in Dublin. We incorporated sound into our retreats and into our corporate offer.

To learn more you can visit our website http://www.soundmagicireland.com or connect with us on social media. In 2024 we will offer weekend sound healing retreats and professional training for people interested in working with sound where we hope to share our experience from over a decade working with it.

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