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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

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Events, Workshops, Training, Inspiration, Treats & More for Summer 2017

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self-care  support

Help on the Healing Journey

Aisling Fitzgibbon wants to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Reach out to receive support, advice and clarity on how to reach your full potential with Aisling as your nutritional and holistic guide. She knows her stuff, she’s walked the road herself and knows the signposts to take.


Natural Body Care

Natural Rebel Body Care is made by April Danann in the wilds of West Cork. We tried her hair pomade and loved it. It contains all the good stuff, clean well water and all natural, organic ingredients. It leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and super healthy. To top it off, April is also a medical intuitive and will give you a full check-up with all natural solutions offered.




Summer Chillin’

A quick low-down on the ABC of feeling suitably chilled this summer. Try Feldenkrais, for dislodging stiffness and feeling the freedom of movement. Craniosacral therapy, to gently release and loosen up any tight spots. Ever hear of ‘the Mozart effect’? Great for getting emotion in motion and activating your creativity. Joe Dispenza’s Blessing the Energy Centres meditation, for inside-out transformation and healing. We hear they’re the bee’s knees!

Essential Minerals for a Summer Glow

To help make sure we’re getting all the minerals we need, Diatomaceous Earth are mining and grinding mineral rich compounds into a fortified powder. It’s also a powerful cleanser, so go easy initially. With summer on the horizon, this powder’s naturally occurring minerals help keep our hair and nails shiny, and skin blushing with health.


Actively Whitening Toothpaste

It’s all about teeth with the Georganics natural, organic and fluoride-free range of mineral-rich toothpastes. We especially like the Activated Whitening charcoal toothpaste which acts as a mild abrasive, cleansing and whitening the enamel of your teeth and restoring their natural white. Leave it on for longer and you actually remineralise your teeth. Toothpaste doesn’t get much more holistic than this.


Healing for Humans and Animals

So many ailments come under the healing radar of CBD oil – from your pet’s joint pain, to your own digestive problems. RecoveryCBD, with the promise of “No pesticides or herbicides, non GMO, no growth enhancers,” offers topical creams, juices and oils, all infused with the positive benefits of the cannabis plant. Why not try a cup of their CBD tea, helpful for pain relief, mood regulation and encouraging natural sleep. Ah go on, go on, gowan…sure you’ll have a cuppa tea, just a little drop!


summer treats

Delicious Health Bars

Try Near to Nature’s new, sugar-free Turmeric Bar. We’ve tried it, and we love it. It’s so satisfying to know that you’re getting a dose of super-foods in just a few tasty bites. Near to Nature specialises in infusing their bars with anti-oxidants like spirulina, hemp and our fave, turmeric. Go on, give it a bite…


Vegan Barbecue Time

What better way to watch the dusk simmer down on a hot day than with a barbie. Fry’s vegan burgers are tasty, protein rich, and give you that fix when you just want to munch into something substantial like a burger bite, alongside your salad and roast veggies. Their range includes traditional style, chicken style and Asian spiced burgers.


Strengthening Salads

Chopped is bringing salads to a whole new level with their Training menu. Check out the Vegan Body Builder Salad. Added to a choice of greens are muscle promoting foods like brown rice, tofu and broccoli. Perfect to cool you down after a workout, while keeping the bulk in those freshly pumped muscles.


Gorgeous Raw Honey

Leinster Honey is home to real deal, raw, untreated, unheated (and unsurprisingly, award winning) local Irish honey. Buying Irish is a way to love our native bees. The fruits of their industrious springtime labours is now available. It’s tricky to find but we hear it’s at The Hopsack in Rathmines, and of course, online at Leinster Honey.


Vegan Food with a Twist

You’ll find creative and scrumptious vegan dishes well worth the wander down to the Veginity truck….and restaurant. With sassy recipes like plantain with avocado salsa, peanut caramel nougat cake, and watermelon & lime green tea kombucha, just reading the menu is a fun experience. Going vegan is getting easier and more exciting with places like Veginity popping up around the city.




enlightening leisuretime

Retreat to Recharge

Friday 30 June, 6pm – Sunday 9 July 4pm Weekend Option Friday 30 June, 6pm – Sunday 2 July 4pm, Co. Cork Join world renowned Buddhist teacher, and author of the classic Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche, for Dzogchen Beara’s main event of the year – the summer retreat. Soak in teachings, guided meditations and contemplations in an atmosphere of calm, majestic beauty by the cliffs of the Beara Peninsula.


Positive Nights

Come along to one of our series of ongoing talks arranged by us, for you, set to motivate and stimulate your positive vibes. Topics vary from Astrology and Enlightenment, to discussions on Tantra and Breathanarism. Always upbeat, ever optimistic, we sit together with whatever arises, knowing it’s all ok, all welcome. Expect to meet some seriously cool and like-minded people.


Celebrate Body & Soul

Summer Solstice weekend 2017, Co. Westmeath

Wandering through the magical woodlands of Ballinlough Castle at Body & Soul Festival, you never know what will appear around the next tree trunk. At this enchanted gathering of all things artistic, musical and soulful, anticipate hot tubs, bonfires, disco yurts, pop-up performances and much more!


Positive Nights


Diploma in Ayurvedic Studie

Begins September 20th, Co. Clare Join Doug Hyde at Satmya to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and lifestyle consultant over the course of this two year practical and experiential training. We think this is a fabulous course, expect an emphasis on personal transformation as well as on learning a wealth of Ayurvedic treatments and practical theory to help others “find natural solutions to everyday problems.”



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