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Positive Life Autumn Issue 2017: Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

by Aisling Cronin

Our friends from the Positive Living Network have a competition for our readers: We have two tickets to give away for Sonia’s workshop on Saturday, November 11th in Dublin. Just follow us on Facebook or Twitter, share this post and tag us to let us know!

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By Aisling Cronin

What are you hoping to explore during your workshop in Ireland?

The theme of my talk is ‘Ask Your Guides’, which I think is very relevant to our world today. Our biggest problem right now is that people feel isolated and unsupported, and this brings about a lot of fear. So if we have a direct experience of support and guidance, so much creativity, healing and love can come from that. We need to know that we are supported and loved, and we need to know how to access that. So I am very excited to come over and teach people how to feel that sense of support and guidance in their lives.

What is your number one piece of advice for those who are hoping to become more attuned to their intuition?

My number one piece of advice is to get out of your head and be open to the reality that your heart is far more intelligent and far more capable of guiding you. There is a place for our logic and our intellect, and we do need them. However, that place is not to fight with or destroy our spirit. We must use our hearts as our guiding compass in life.

You have written a wide variety of books throughout your career. Which of them stands out to you as being particularly significant?

One of my earliest books was called Ask Your Guides, and I think of it as the ‘manual’ for how to connect with spirit guides. Another book that stands out for me is Tune In: Follow Your Intuition to Fulfilment and Flow, which is extremely relevant today, as so many people are experiencing incongruence between what their heart truly wants, and what they actually experience in their daily lives. Tune In helps you to move away from what isn’t working and reconnect to your spirit, so things can begin to flow and work for you.

Over the course of your years as a spiritual teacher, what do you feel has changed or deepened in your practice, and what has stayed the same?

What has stayed the same is my conviction that our hearts are brilliant, our intuition is indispensable, and we have to trust and follow our hearts and intuition if we are going to lead lives of deep satisfaction and integrity. What has changed is my increased capacity for deep compassion, patience and love. My experiences have helped me to grow into a more loving human being. That is what I have always aspired to be, and I think, to some degree, I can see that happening in my life. I am so grateful for that.

‘Ask Your Guides’ will take place at the CityNorth Hotel, 15 minutes north of Dublin Airport, on Saturday 11th November 2017.

For additional information and booking, go to: positivelivingnetwork.com

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