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How To Create A Daily Tantra Practice: Five practices for Tantra in everyday life

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How To Create A Daily Tantra Practice: Five practices for Tantra in everyday life

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How To Create A Daily Tantra Practice: Five practices for Tantra in everyday life

How To Create A Daily Tantra Practice

Five practices for Tantra in everyday life

By Dawn Cartwright

Create a specific place in your home or in nature for your practice. As the days go by, this place will hold the energy of your practice and serve as a reminder of your focus. Clear the space of any distractions such as unfinished projects, computers, televisions and clutter.

Gather the items you’ll need; listed below along with the corresponding sense, element and location in the body for that particular practice. If you do not have access to any of the items, feel free to substitute or visualize.

Commit to the practice even if it seems at first as though nothing is happening. Let yourself become familiar with a new way of being, a new way of sensing. In a short time you’ll discover ecstatic pathways that were once hidden. Every day will carry with it some element of bliss.

Practice #1: The Gates of Ecstasy

Item: Sandalwood

Sense: Smell

Element: Earth

Location in the Body: Base of the Spine

Our connection to the earth, at the base of the spine, is where the journey begins. Known as the gate of ecstasy, it’s the most primal part of the human body. The associated sense is our most primal sense, the sense of smell. Scent enters the limbic brain directly, connecting us to the euphoric feelings associated with bliss.

The Practice: Take a pinch of sandalwood powder in your hands and rub them together. Breathe in the fragrance, let it fill your senses. Then, find five words to describe the fragrance. When we discipline the mind to focus in order to describe, we open the gates of ecstasy with that focus. A sense we once believed to be limited to the nose, reveals sensations that fill the entire body with bliss.

Practice #2: The Sound of Your Name

Item: Flowers

Sense: Hearing

Element: Space

Location in the Body: Throat

Just as the base of the spine is our connection to the earth, the throat is our gateway to the sky. Governed by the element of space, the throat is the bridge between etheric and earthy realms. When the voice is activated, we set in motion a cascading effect throughout the entire ecstatic channel.

The Practice: First, create a vibration at the base of the spine by humming through the spine, down to the base. Don’t effort, allow this to happen slowly. At first, you may feel vibration only as far as your chest. With time and relaxation, the vibrations will spread. Continue 2-3 minutes, then stop. Become aware of the sensations traveling up and down your body through this channel connecting the pelvis and throat.

Practice #3: The Song That Cannot Be Sung

Item: Incense

Sense: Touch

Element: Air

Location in the Body: Heart

The smoke arising from incense touches everything, the same way that love touches everything it comes into contact with. Incense and the element of air are associated with the heart. We intuitively bring our hands to our heart whenever we are touched by something. Touch conveys feeling even more accurately than our words.

The Practice: Light a stick of incense. Follow the tendrils of smoke with your eyes. Notice how freely it moves, touching everything without constriction or fear. When we let go of inner tension, we connect from the heart. Acceptance of ourselves grows. We share our true feelings. We open to love.

Practice #4: I See You

Item: Candlelight

Sense: Sight

Element: Fire

Location in the Body: Navel

To see clearly, beyond the glossy images that constantly bombard us, is to be closer to the true essence of life. To see what is truly here. Candlelight and the element of fire are associated with the navel center, our inner sun. The light within us that illuminates everything without preference.

The Practice: Light a candle, then close your eyes. Place your palms over your eyes so that your eyes are completely covered and everything is totally dark. Relax. Your eyes are literally rejuvenating themselves. Then, when you feel ready, gently remove your palms and slowly open your eyes. See the candlelight, yourself and everything around you with new eyes.

Practice #5: Food for Your Soul

Item: Fruit

Sense: Taste

Element: Water

Location in the Body: Pleasure Centers

The pleasure centers in the body are connected to the element of water and the sense of taste. Pleasure is not just something we enjoy, it is literally food for our spirit. Water is fluid, it soothes and nourishes. Your sense of taste is one of the most pleasurable senses of all.

The Practice: Choose your favorite fruit. Could be an orange, strawberries or dates. Close your eyes, take a bite. Experience all the many sensations of pleasure. The fruit is food for your body. The pleasure is food for your soul.

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bio- energetic Tantra fusion offering courses in Ireland and around the world.


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