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We Recommend: Glas Restaurant

by Admin

Looking for a mouth-watering plant-based dining experience? Look no further than the lovely Glas Restaurant, located on Chatham Street in Dublin 2! Read on to learn more.

Glas Restaurant on Chatham Street, Dublin, is inspired by Ireland, pure and simple: the vibrant landscape, the people, the food. They regard vegetables as the unsung heroes of Irish food. That’s why plant-based ingredients are at the centre of Glas’ cuisine.

They are firm believers in using seasonal vegetables and local produce, with the result that their dishes are composed entirely of sustainably-sourced gourmet ingredients, packed with exquisite flavours and textures. We especially love their vegan king oyster scallops! Their menu is complemented by a carefully-curated, innovative selection of wines and drinks. Glas is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that aims to cater to everyone.

Check them out below!


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