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We Recommend: Judith McAdam’s ‘Lighten Up’ Workshop

by Judith McAdam

If you’re seeking to break negative patterns around food, or just want to learn more about intuitively eating for your chakras, we highly recommend the lovely Judith McAdam’s 3-hour Zoom Workshop, ‘Lighten Up’ on the 26th of July. Full details available here!

Judith McAdam – a Holistic Life Coach, Theologian, Kinesiologist and Author – is joining forces with her son Cillian McCahey for this workshop. Cillian holds a BSc in Health Science & Physiology, a BSc in Human Nutrition, and is a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

During the ‘Lighten Up’ workshop, Judith and Cillian show you how to deliberately create a new vibrant reality around the food you eat using your Chakra System and your own intuitive abilities.

This workshop will provide you with many tools to Lighten Up and Lose Weight from the Inside Out, including:

– A visualisation to connect you to your Inner Child, listening to your fears and getting to the bottom of what really triggers you to comfort eat.
– Learning how to intuitively eat and tap into your subconscious mind creating new neural pathways around food.
– Marrying the fundamentals of nutrition and portion sizing, while consciously eating high vibrational foods that not only stimulate and raise the energy in your chakras but your mental/emotional and physical body as well.
– Leading to actively establishing a good relationship with food, comforting the inner child without food and creating new positive habits while balancing and realigning your body.

Time: 10am to 1pm
Investment: €25
Register and learn more

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