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Thriving With Grace

by Patrick

pl_full_web_page_42_image_0001In today’s fast changing corporate and business world our bodies and our minds are being pushed to their limits at speeds we have never had to deal with before. This is why so many in the corporate world are having exhaustion breakdowns and stress related illness. When we allow our lives to reach this stage of total unbalance we become un-centred. Yoga is one of the many ancient wisdoms and techniques of age-old Indian culture that compliment our modern times issues.

Through my extensive travel of Asia, I began to understand the secrets and magic keys the Indian people naturally embraced, which gave them such grace and balance in living in what looks to a newcomer like an overcrowded, unorganized, chaotic environment, which held many extreme weather challenges.
One of the magic key foundations which holds all of India together is its understanding that our corporate, cultural and spiritual lives are all intertwined and are one.  The essential principles of modern day Hinduism and Buddhism arose from ancient texts known as the Vedas. The Vedas explain that how we are with our bodies is how we are with all daily aspects of our lives.  Every corporate, cultural, spiritual, personal belief in our daily lives in connected at all times.  In India, all you see once you can see through the veils of chaos is pure grace and peace of mind in the people.  The word Business means only Busy-ness. This too is done with grace.
When we begin to balance and learn the techniques and keys of thriving with grace then we are in the flow of balance. It is just like doing our daily yoga. Once we place our minds to that area of our body and balance our heart-beat with the rhythm of our breath, we have created thriving with grace through our yoga practice.

We do not have to stop that flow and grace once we have left the yoga mat. We can, like most Asians, continue the essence of thriving with grace into the rest of our daily lives.  Like yoga, it is the practice of the one position for some time which brings us to the feeling of ease and effortlessness in that position.
It is the same for our corporate environments. We can practice the new thriving with grace approach and watch how, once we move into the ease and effortlessness, we bring a new force with immense clarity others will slowly follow.  We do not need to achieve or approach our goals in the business world with a “divide, conquer, grab, pillage and plunder” attitude. This is only short-term achievement.

“As does the dolphin with fun and grace out manoeuvre the shark so too we do this with Thriving with Grace in the corporate world with ease and effortlessness”. Bernice M Paolozzi  –Inner Coach

Once we decide, like in yoga when moving from one position to another, to transcend through and above to a further point of stretching and reaching, we can achieve our corporate business goals with grace. We receive the feeling of rejuvenation and regeneration, balanced with clarity through to the next part of our journey in the world of financial freedom and respect through valuing our worth.
Like in yoga, our body we respect as a temple, our beliefs and views of the practice to thrive with grace in the corporate business world and become the pioneers to bring our yoga bodies and mind into every aspect and moment of our lives, is the foundation of the secret and golden keys of India and its people.

Ó2008 Bernice Maria Paolozzi
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