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Moving from Fear into Love with the help of the Planetary Transits, By Margaret Gray

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“Are the stars just here to serve the purpose of your schoolroom?
Does nothing exist beyond the need for love to remember itself?
Nothing – and there is an infinity of more.”
~ Emmanuel’s Book II – The Choice for Love

By Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology

Have you noticed recently how the terms Ascension, Vibration and Energy seem to be visible everywhere you look? Have you also noticed a growing excitement within you for a new way of being that is replacing your fear of the old way passing? After several years of frustration and confusion, we are finally beginning to catch glimpses of the potential beauty and joy of the new reality we are creating and manifesting. Depending, as always, on the free will choices we continue to make in our thoughts, actions, words and emotions on a minute by minute basis, this seedling growth could potentially rapidly expand into monumental, joyful, heart-centred changes for the benefit of all. Then heaven and earth will truly feel like one, and the Mayan predictions for the ending of the old and the start of the new will become a joyful, dynamic reality.

In looking back at the summer months – the two eclipses in June, followed by the one on July 1st, are likely to have brought many of your deepest fears and inner conflicts to the surface. These may have manifested in differing degrees of peak explosions in one or more areas of your life, as your mind, body and emotions could no longer contain the pressures that had been building up over the past few years. In fact, many of these conflicts, fears and complexes went back to early childhood, as well as past lives, and had little to do with your current situation. Their source is not as important as your choice to release them, enabling you to travel lighter on your journey forward. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in apparent retrograde motion in the sky for the remainder of the summer months, offered a rich opportunity to detox, release, heal and change old, outworn, dense default patterns on a mental, emotional and physical level, as each of us prepared for the next stage of this amazing journey of remembering and loving ourselves for who we truly are.

One of most important features for the three months ahead is that Saturn (Kronos – the earthy god of time, structures and boundaries) has stopped playing a part in the dynamic, transformative relationship between Uranus (the awakening god Prometheus) and Pluto (Hades, god of transmutation) in the sky. From here on in, these two powerful energies are unmediated. The lid and containment, together with the sense of frustration and limitation, which Saturn provided has been lifted from this exciting but also potentially explosive alchemical mix. From August onwards, we started to see potential expressions for these Uranian and Plutonian energies which have been brewing over the past two years, as they almost make an exact square to each other in the sky (The first exact square will be on June 26th 2012). To fully grasp what is building up in the sky right now, it can be helpful to visualise these two very powerful mythological gods standing at a 90? angle from each other. There is an awareness of the other being there. However, it is hard to fully see each other and so there can be a tendency for both of these energies to do their own thing at times, without always remembering to find a way to compromise and support each other. This can contribute to a somewhat jagged, erratic feeling to the changes that are happening.

Although it probably won’t be until this first of 7 exact meetings between Uranus and Pluto (in June 2012), that we will get clear information on the full nature of the dynamic changes and awakenings these planetary energies invite us to make, the process is already happening right now. The main ongoing theme is major transformation in our personal (home life, including relationships, our homes, our jobs) and collective structures (including financial, educational, political and community structures) as a new, innovative consciousness is seeking to emerge.

It is worth remembering that the original seeds of the energies for Uranus square Pluto were planted in 1965, when Uranus and Pluto were right next to each other in the sky. Throughout the world, ‘the 60’s’ became synonymous with seeking freedom from anything repressive. This was reflected globally through music and art, as well as political changes. In Ireland, war exploded in the North at this time. Economically, although we didn’t actually join the EEC until 1973 because of our link with the UK, we had, in fact, been trying to join since the early 60’s. This was also a time of innovative social change, including the creation of free secondary education which was brought in in the later 60’s. Unresolved issues from that time are likely to be revisited from now through 2015, offering us the opportunity for newer, more conscious, expansive and creative choices. Anyone born in 1965 is likely to be particularly in tune with these current changes.

In returning to the current months of September, October and November, it may be helpful to take note of a powerful partial Solar Eclipse on November 25th at 2? Sagittarius. This time of new beginnings offers all of us the opportunity to meditate, in whatever way feels healing, as we embrace more expansive attitudes. You are more likely to feel this energy if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant are on this degree in either Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces.

This eclipse falls within 3? of the ascendant of the 1949 chart of the Creation of the Republic of Ireland, potentially powerfully affecting our perception of ourselves and our relationship to others in the world. It also awakens our Arabic Lot of Fortune, indicating a very important time for Ireland. The world renowned Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady describes this eclipse as a potential “time of confusion — and (possible) unexpected happenings in financial matters”. She suggests not making important decisions at this time as “there is too much confusion to make clear judgments.”

One of the main themes for these three months is replacing any remaining resistance to change with ‘allowing’ and ‘trusting’. Remembering that our natural state is one of balance, perfection and love, in allowing the release of old blockages, fears and limitations, we create space for our natural, creative, expansive, loving soul self to truly blossom. Trust that the bliss we are seeking is already here and always has been – we are now getting ready to live it out – if we so choose.

This final quote, once more from the collection of energies called Emmanuel, channelled by Pat Rodegast, is a wonderful reminder of what these powerful transits, at their core, are inviting us to do :
“True alchemy is the transformation of the energy of fear into the power of love.”

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn.

Margaret Gray offers Psychological Astrology consultations, seminars and workshops in Ireland, Hawaii and California.

You can find the degree of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant on any of the free astrology sites including www.astro.com

This chart was mentioned in the last Positive Life Magazine.

Bernadette Brady Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark

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