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Mars Retrograde

by Rachelle Hicks

Our winter issue is out now. Our regular contributor and resident astrologer Rachelle Hicks shares her wisdom about the Mars Retrograde we just came out of. Dive on in to learn more…

Mars Retrograde

Illuminating New Pathways.

by Rachelle Hicks

“We’ve travelled a long way and we’ve climbed to great heights, we cannot move further until our souls catch up with our bodies.”

This quote comes from a parable about a group of westerners hiking in the Himalayas with Sherpa guides. With a goal and schedule in mind, the westerners were perplexed when the Sherpa guides stopped in the middle of the hike and sat down in silence, as though waiting for something. When asked what they were doing, the guides said, “We’ve travelled a long way, and we’ve climbed to great heights, we cannot move further until our souls catch up with our bodies.”

Currently, we are in the middle of a Mars retrograde and a lengthy season of Mars in Gemini. Mars entered the sign of Gemini on August 20, 2022, and will leave Gemini on March 25, 2023. This is a very long time for the planet Mars to be massaging through a specific part of the sky, i.e. a specific part of your chart. The retrograde of Mars began on October 30, 2022, and will end on January 12, 2023.

As a symbol, Mars represents our drive, ambition, action, forward motion, our relationship with sex, and how we recognise and go after what we want. When Mars is retrograde, all of these topics might come to the surface to been seen in a different light. During Mars retrograde, it’s possible to feel confused, powerless, unsure, unmotivated, or even victimised and overwhelmed by these topics.

In a culture where it’s common to blast through experiences like scrolling through Instagram reels, we often miss the opportunity to digest what has just happened.

I love the concept of taking time to “digest experiences” during Mars retrograde. This could be something simple like not scheduling things back to back; having 30-minute windows between your appointments. After meeting with a friend, don’t immediately check your phone once your visit is over. If you have a big party planned one day, schedule the next day for self care and something quiet.

This task might not be easy, but Mars retrograde is inviting awareness around our actions and activity. Even if you find yourself feeling scattered, frustrated, or totally overwhelmed, it’s okay. It’s not about “doing the retrograde well”, it’s about asking what could have been done differently to avoid the overwhelm, or how you might plan differently next time.

A big theme for this retrograde has to do with surrendering what is out of your control, having faith, and trust.

For those who are more prone to holding on to things and being in control, releasing the grip might be a big exercise during this time. For those who would consider themselves non-confrontational and able to go with the flow, the exercise might be to trust your intuition and not be so easily swayed by others’ will.


Rachelle Hicks is a Dublin-based astrologer offering one-to-one chart readings and personal astrology forecasts online through zoom.
rachellehicks.com @rachellehicksastrology

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