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Rachelle Hicks: Own the Sword, Accept Your Power

by Rachelle Hicks

‘Truth’ is the theme of our current Autumn 2021 issue … and our resident astrologer, Rachelle Hicks, had some powerful thoughts to share on what truth can look like for many of us. Read on below!

Owning the Sword

Accepting Your Innate Power

by Rachelle Hicks

Truth is a funny thing when it comes to Astrology. My perception of truth has drastically changed since my first meeting with an astrologer, to how I work now as an astrological guide.

Truth can often imply definiteness – a single statement answer. A one-size-fits- all version of reality. Sometimes, in our quest for “the definitive answer”, we close ourselves off from the infinite potential of the universe. In my consulting work these days, I find myself asking the person, “how is this true for you?” and then using my understanding of astrological symbolism to provide deeper meaning and direction.

Is Astrology Real?

This was a question that used to perplex me. I used to feel compelled to provide a well-thought out answer supported by a history of data.

I wanted to give people definite advice. Yes, do this. No, don’t go there. As my practice has evolved, I see Astrological guidance less like a prescription and more like a piece of art. And I answer the question Is Astrology Real? with another question: “what is the most impactful movie or book that has helped you in your life?”

After their response, I would ask, “Was that story true?”

Most of the time they would say that it was not a true story. However, even if the story was based on a factual event, the resonance of meaning and impact is beyond whether or not the story really happened.

Stories give us blueprints of human experience.

The quest of King Arthur as he denies the sword, and then eventually owns it, is a reflection of how we deny and then embrace our own power.

So, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether there really was a King Arthur or a magic sword. The energetic resonance of that story awakens something that is true within each of us.

We are in a time now where the Truth is hard to pin down. Perhaps this is due to our transition from a linear way of perceiving reality to experiencing reality as quantum. The confusion and head butting are like growing pains.

Symbolically, this time has unearthed truths in all of us that were hidden. The good, the bad and the ugly. It has awakened innate skills, but also primal fear. We are left to ask ourselves, what is true for each one of us?

That, to me, is the truth of astrology. It’s not about yes, you will get this job, or in two years you’ll be married. It’s about seeing meaning in every part of your own story, which is being narrated every day by the cosmos. Astrology provides you with a roadmap and asks, will you continue to deny the sword, or will you take it?

Rachelle is a Dublin-based astrologer offering 1-to-1 online astrology readings.


Instagram: @rachellehicksastrology

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