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Sneak Peek: Dream Big

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Our spring issue is out now! Our astrological correspondent Rachelle Hicks shares her insights into spring, Dive on in!

Dream Big

Ignite Your Heart Fire

By Rachelle Hicks

We don’t need too much astrological evidence to see that we’ve been in some heavy collective cycles since spring of 2020. While these cycles have called attention to our collective involvement, there are going to be some lovely time periods coming through this year that will be excellent for personal development and stoking the fires of your own dreams. The cycles I am referring to are the time periods when Jupiter, the planet of growth, illumination, opportunity and expansion, will be passing through the very optimistic signs of Pisces and Aries.

These will mark two very different, but very supportive energies that you can use to dream big and make headway with what is very dear to your heart. From the beginning of 2022 until May 10, 2022, Jupiter will be in Pisces. This could mark a very healing, nourishing and receptive time. Pisces represents dreams and the desire of the soul. Especially at its peak during the month of April, it would be a great time to dedicate yourself to your spiritual practices. Make space for meditating on your dreams, keep a dream journal by your bedside, connect with nature, connect with friends and take some time to explore creativity with a heart warming cup of cacao.

Whatever it is that nourishes your spirit, make some space for it during these months. From May 10 until October 28, 2022, Jupiter will spend some time in fiery, passionate Aries. After all the dreaming and meditating, this time period will be like the spark that ignites the fire. This is a wonderful time for putting these dreams into action. Be bold. Take some risks. Go outside your comfort zone. Jupiter in Aries is a time when we can get the engines running in relation to our passions and dreams. The best time period for utilising this energetic Aries energy will be from May 10 until July 28 when Jupiter will be charging full speed ahead.

The months of August, September and October will still have great inspiring energy, but might be more focused on revision and refining as Jupiter will be spending some time in retrograde. During this time period, keep in mind that you don’t have to accomplish or reach the completion of certain dreams and goals. Imagine it like the process of writing a book. You might have the initial spark of the idea, but you don’t have to have published and completed the book by the end of the year. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to complete anything, just let your imagination and heart be open, and listen to what your soul is saying. Also, remember that we are still in the mix of some pretty hefty collective time cycles. This energy is still being worked through us, but the more we all commit to illuminating our own heart lights, the brighter we shine as a whole.

Rachelle is a Dublin-based astrologer offering 1-to-1 online astrology readings.
Find out more at atrachellehicks.com Instagram: @rachellehicksastrology

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