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Emerging From the Cocoon: Butterfly of Love

by Rachelle Hicks

We always love the writings of our resident astrology expert, Rachelle Hicks. In our Summer 2021 issue, she wrote about the great potential that this time holds for us, and how it can open us up to deeper love. Enjoy her piece below!

Emerging From the Cocoon

Butterfly of Love

by Rachelle Hicks

There is a tension in the air between the old and the new. Between what once was and an unknown future. Between how we want things to be and the inevitable current of change.

How do we balance boundaries and freedom?

This is a question we are being asked this year. While you may lean towards one more than the other, we are being called to hold them both; to alchemise these two energies in the chamber of the heart.

The major players of 2021 are Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of structure, limitations, and systems. Uranus is the planet of freedom, independence and break-throughs. Uranus naturally rebels from all that Saturn confines.

These energies are giving both our collective and personal value systems a massive shake-up. They are challenging the groups and social dynamics that we thought were immovable, and getting us to investigate who and what we are beyond the labels we’ve taken ourselves to be.

In relation to value, Uranus – the archetype that loves independence, unusualness and freedom -– is asking us to amp up self-value and self-love. It is asking us to break out of the scripts and habits we’ve used to limit self-love and self-value, and other ways we have limited our self-worth.

It’s helpful to be aware of the rumble that is shaking things up, so that you can be a more conscious participant in this experience. If you notice change being ushered in your own life, open up to it rather than resist it.

This summer, you are being asked to step further into the truth of who you are. You are being asked to consider the path you are on, and whether this is still the right path for you to take. You may completely change your direction, or gain a fresh perspective and a renewed commitment to your existing path.

The shakeups of this year challenge us to consider new directions. These new directions might feel inspiring and full of potential, or they could feel shocking and uncertain. However this energy is showing up for you, know that any changes are meant to awaken you to greater dimensions of yourself.

Just like the butterfly, change is necessary for growth. It is not something to fear, but rather to embrace. We are being tested now in a way that shakes up old patterns and beliefs, in order to see what is strong and what is not.

We discover great creative potential when we learn to sit in the unknown. Even though this tension can sometimes feel like it brings us farther apart, the nature of this astrological cycle indicates that we’re in a time of necessary adjustment. Not to divide us, but to create enough friction to break us open into a new dimension, towards bigger love.

Rachelle is a Dublin based Astrologer. She has studied with Blue Rose and is currently enrolled in the four year Professional Astrologer’s Program at Astrology University.


IG @rachellehicksastrology

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