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Intuition and Astrology

by Rachelle Hicks

Our summer issue is out now. Our regular contributor and resident astrologer Rachelle Hicks shares her insights, dive on in to find out more…

Intuition and Astrology

By Rachelle Hicks

This year, we are asked to dream big. We are asked to take a leap of faith in the direction of what really lights us up. For some, this might show up as a natural progression of goals you have already been working towards. For others, this could show up as a complete release of the old and the beginning of something new; taking action in the direction of a more heart-centred future could be that first, small step into the unknown.  In whatever way you are experiencing this leap of faith, we are called to consider how we can do this with grace.

There can be a lot of uncertainty, and nerves, when it comes to stepping into the unknown. Some people may handle it impulsively, while others might hesitate and stop themselves in the process of change. While these two approaches are very different, they both are susceptible to not trusting the flow of life. The natural flow of life, and where it wants to take you, will show you the right opportunities at the right time. The process of listening deeply to where the flow wants to take you, to be able to take the opportunities when they are presented, to not be impatient but also to not hesitate, requires a state of grace and trust.

The best way I’ve noticed to tap into this state of trust and grace is through a consistent meditation and/or regular self-care practices. It is in these moments of stilling the mind that we are able to tap into the current of where we are meant to be. This is the basis upon which I do all of my astrological work. I find that it is a necessary component for understanding astrological timing. We might know about a particular time period approaching astrologically, but it does no good to try and control or manipulate life based on this understanding.

I always suggest to the people I work with to listen deeply to what their intuition is saying, and use the astrological symbolism as a helpful framework, rather than using astrological time frames to bypass your intuitive instincts. That being said, the next few months are pretty smooth in terms of astrological events. Use this opportunity, while the seas are calm, to clear your world of any physical and energetic clutter so that you can make intuitively-wise decisions during times when the astrology is a bit more intense. Commit to your meditation or self-care practice so that you can learn to listen to the deeper callings of your heart. Meditate on the theme for this year of listening to your heart’s desire, and see where you can bring this forward in your life.


Rachelle Hicks is a Dublin-based astrologer offering one-to-one chart readings and personal astrology forecasts online through zoom.
rachellehicks.com @rachellehicksastrology 


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