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Lessons from the Vegetable Patch, Jenny Grainger

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By Jenny Grainger
Tending to your manifestations

“You’re going to reap just what you sow.” ~ Lou Reed, Perfect Day

As autumn draws in at Chantry Hill, we are harvesting the last of the vegetables which we have grown from seeds planted earlier this year. It has been our first full year as vegetable growers, and we have learnt many lessons. I am always amazed at the awesome intelligence of nature, and how much we can learn from it, especially when it comes to applying the Law of Attraction (LOA) to our own lives.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” ~ Ecclesiastes III

Our vision of harvesting and eating our own vegetables did not manifest instantaneously. We had to wait and trust in nature to do its work; while we did all that we could to create a healthy, nurturing environment for growth. We didn’t look at our seed trays every day and get impatient and start shouting at them or chuck them in the bin because they weren’t growing. Yet, one of the main reasons that so many people lose faith in the LOA is because they want their dreams to manifest NOW, on their time scale. The Universe is much more intelligent than that, and, from my own experience, it pays to trust in the Divine Order of things. If I had met Eoin before I did, I am pretty sure that I would not have been ready for the type of relationship we have, and I would have sabotaged it. I had to nurture myself and trust that it was all unfolding perfectly.

Similarly, our vegetable patch needed planning and quite a lot of our time and energy for it to bear fruit this year. Back at the start of the year, we decided on what veg we enjoyed eating most, and we talked about how wonderfully satisfying it would be to be able to walk outside and gather our food straight from the garden. We nurtured the seeds for weeks before we started to see signs of life, and then, once we planted them outdoors in the prepared beds, we checked them daily for pests and weeds. We protected them from our dog, hen, and other wildlife which might destroy them. Then, finally, back in May, we were able to gather our first spinach and salad and share them with friends during a joyful celebratory feast.

This is exactly the same process I go through when applying the LOA to my life. I decide what I want to enjoy in the future, then I plant the seed and, even though I cannot see it yet, I nurture it every day by writing about it, talking about it, visualising it, putting it on my vision board and connecting in with how it will FEEL when it has manifested. It never occurs to me that the seed will not grow. I have zero doubt. I check in with myself every day to make sure there are no pests or weeds growing in the form of negative behaviour patterns or limiting beliefs which might attack my dream. I protect my dreams from anyone who might energetically stand on them or damage them. And then, when nature says it is time, my dream manifests into something physical which nourishes me and brings me joy, and I share the joy with those around me.

“I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” ~ WB Yeats

The vegetable patch has taught me this year that not all seeds are destined to mature or bear fruit. Did I give up or lose faith because a few didn’t make it? No… I just planted some more and repeated the process, but I made sure to celebrate the ones which did grow and gave us so much satisfaction and pleasure when we harvested them.



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