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Energise Yourself with Tri-Vortex, Jessica Crowley

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healing products water gold

For the very first time, Tri-Vortex™ natural healing technology is coming to Ireland…

Tri-Vortex™ treated products can have wonderfully beneficial applications in various areas of our well-being and health such as proper hydration, natural pain relief, and reduction of side-effects from cell phones and electronic devices.

healing products water gold

Tri-Vortex™ technology combines 20 years of research in sacred geometry, sound and light, and involves a diverse combination of processes, where products are treated in special chambers for 24 hours and longer. This powerful system uses bio-mimicry to imprint objects with the harmonic energy patterns of hydrogen, oxygen and gold.

Objects treated by Tri-Vortex™ technology become useful as healing tools and energisers, and can be used to structure water. The products are designed to offer a number of simple applications and uses.

For example, in order to treat water, simply place a glass of water on a Tri-Vortex™ treated water disc for 3 minutes. The molecular structure of the fluid becomes organised and coherent, thereby promoting maximum and rapid absorption into our cells.

Alternatively, pendants and bangles can be worn to induce the beneficial effects of natural energy patterns into the body, aiding in pain relief, energy balance and general well-being.

Complementary therapists may also find uses for Tri-Vortex™ treated products in enhancing their practices, especially through the use of the Tri-Vortex™ Green Laser which can be used to balance energy, stimulate acupoints or in biofeedback therapy, among many other uses.


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