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Positive Beauty: Beauty, Balance and Personal Empowerment, By Mary Berkery

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mary berkery

Wheel of Your Beautiful Life

Beauty, Balance and Personal Empowerment

mary berkery

By Mary Berkery

Earlier this year, I took time to work with a coaching colleague using a tool that I use with my own clients. It is called the ‘Wheel of Life Consultation’. I looked at my work/life balance. It showed me what needed more attention in certain areas for balance to manifest more consciously in life. You can use it to manifest beauty in all areas of your life.

Life’s activities are always shifting so perfect balance needs to be achieved and maintained. There are times when one area of your life may be requiring much energy and you can feel your life is out of balance. When this is the case, it can help to take a step back and look at the big picture. If we lay it all out, as described below, we can examine our satisfaction with the various elements in play.

Draw a circle on a pad and divide it into eight parts.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.26.33

Then, on the outside, write the present areas of your life.

Examples would be:

  • Physical Care: Feeling good about the condition of your body, with exercise, nutrition, sleep.
  • Relationship/Friendships: Looking at intimate relationships and friendships and/or wish for intimate relationships and quality friendships that have common interests and support.
  • Home Environment: Creating your home as a sanctuary for your being with, colour décor, and divine order.
  • Fun and Recreation: Participating in individual and group activities that provide you with enjoyment and self-fulfillment.
  • Self-Esteem: Feeling good about who you are. Recognising your needs and feelings and expressing them appropriately.
  • Finances: Ability to match your income with your personal needs.
  • Creativity and Hobbies: Having time and energy to experience your life to the fullest.
  • Family: Contributing responsibly to your home and family life. Maintaining healthy and fun connections that support all.
  • Personal Care and Image: Attending to the your personal wardrobe. Body, skin and hair care that express your unique cared for beauty.
  • Work, Education and Personal Development: Implementing plans for your future education, training and occupational goals.

The above are examples of what you could input. Others examples could include voluntary work, spiritual development, and life purpose. It is your wheel of your life for this time. Next, marking the centre of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each area out of 10 by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge. The new perimeter of the circle represents your ‘Wheel of Life’. Is it a bumpy ride?

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.27.24

Now, looking at the wheel with loving curiosity, remember this is not an exercise in self criticism, and ask yourself some questions.

Are there any surprises for you? How do you feel about your life as you look at your Wheel? How do you currently spend time in these areas? How would you like to spend time in these areas? Choose three areas that you would most like to improve and three actions needed to do this? How could you make space for these changes? What would your life look like in a year from now if you did not follow through on these actions? What would 10 look like in these three areas of choice?

When you’re feeling good about the three areas you want to develop further, spend some time thinking about the actions you’ve listed to work on these. See where they fit in to your schedule and begin to make time for them, while keeping all of the other areas in mind too, to achieve balance while still in motion. The invention of the wheel is after all, about moving forward, let it take you somewhere beautiful!

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