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Sri Annatta Meditation Retreat in the Wicklow Mountains

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‘The Choice’ Retreats, with Sri Annatta


Retreat 1: Sept 5-9 | Retreat 2: Sept 12-6
Mucklagh Lodge, Wicklow 

“Sri Annatta will be guiding us through this retreat with meditations, sound and enlightening talks about spirituality, mindfulness, loving kindness (Meta) and health.”

The reason the retreat is called “The Choice” is, that somewhere along the line, it provides you  with options to make certain choices within yourself that might change the course of your life, if you decide to do so. The retreats are held in the beautiful Mucklagh Lodge, a purpose built lodge located in the middle of the forest in the Wicklow mountains. Surrounded by the forest, fields and a river, providing plenty of space in nature to relax and work. It will be both enjoyable and challenging with Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound, Resonance of sound, Chanting & Mantras, Cleansing, Exercise, Good Food, Enlightening Conversations, Reflections, Dhamma Talks and Healing.

The retreat will take place in a relaxed and happy atmosphere with some walks in the beautiful countryside and some outside exercises if the weather allows it. Vegetarian food, wholesome delicious and healthy will be prepared, with our help, by Sri Annatta.

Sri Annatta will also be visiting us at the Buddha Bag meeting on the 5th of September, this evening will be an uplifting double-header with Don McFarland of International Body Harmony® Guild with us also. 

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