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Event: Shamanic Healing Training Workshop

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South Class workshop – Serpents path, with Rajinder Singh
The Illumination Process

Shamanic Workshops Ireland
12-15 February

“The teachings in the south direction are the foundation of this work and an awakening to the self, the traumas that live there and a journey into inner healing. This is the hardest and single most important step into our purpose in this life. It is essential that we go through this process over and over through out our lives and not just in a south class to bring clarity into our lives. This is for our own peace of mind, health and wellbeing and if the calling takes us to share this medicine with others then it can become a life path.Going through this process also helps us to understand our loved ones and humanity as a whole and see everything from a compassionate perspective because we realize that we are a product of our traumas. When we heal these traumas we begin a life that we came to live not the one shaped for us by our traumas or others.We begin to bring light into the heaviness we had previously created in our lives. It is also a deep journey into establishing & reconnecting our relationship with Mother Earth and what it means to become a caretaker and starting your own Mesa.”

Sstarting Thursday morning 9am and finishing around 5pm Sunday afternoon.
Bring with you: 3 stones, a rattle, a dowsing pendulum, flash light, pair of outdoor boots and raincoat.

More details and contact to book via Facebook

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