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Event: ‘Your Soul Knows the Way’ Retreat with Miranda Macpherson

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12-14 May, Co. Down

“Try to identify with the part of your mind where peace and stillness reign forever.” – A Course in Miracles

On this retreat, Mirana Macphereson invites you to dive within, listen to your soul’s innate wisdom and learn to live daily life from the deeper ground of being.

“The clarity, peace and precise guidance you need to live in spiritual integrity is already alive within you. Yet the intrinsic intelligence of your True Nature is often clouded by doubt, mis-trust and the static of ego activity that revolves around the belief “I am the do-er”. This leaves you feeling separate from the inner stream of pure knowing and nourishment that flows from the silence.”

Over the two days at Tobar Mhuire, Miranda will provide a safe space to leave distractions behind and take the time support you in a journey within. Relax egoic efforting, unwind the source of stress patterns, allow space for the mystery, and learn to listen to the pulse of inner wisdom with our whole being. Through meditation, holistic self-inquiry and devotional you will have the opportunity to:

  • Enter more substantially into our own direct experience
  • Dissolve compensatory stress patterns
  • Open into the receptive state of stillness
  • Access the clarity needed to live from the deepest truth of your heart
  • Discriminate true guidance from subtle delusion

Miranda will share new practices to help you function in daily life from inner guidance rather than conditioned patterns of mind. She will guide you how to surrender, ask and listen, and give expanded teachings on the practice of meditation, devotion, prayer and self-inquiry.

A transformative 2 1/2 days of supported inquiry, chanting, meditation and prayer.

Further information and booking | Watch a video intro below

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