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EnergyWorks – Move Your Energy, Change Your Life, with Kim Belissimo

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Saturday28  November, 2-4:30pm, The Yoga Room, 262 Merrion Road Dublin D4

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Kim will also be at The Buddha Bag Meeting this Thursday 26th of November for an introduction to her work and practices.



Kim has held a life long intention to come to Ireland. The mission of this visit is to introduce her EnergyWorks practice here. She will be hosting a special 2.5hour intensive workshop specifically designed to clear your energy and get it moving. It will consist of EnergyWorks exercises that will have specific application to each participant’s personal issues. It will also explore the collective energy field on the island of Ireland. The workshop will consist of body movement, directing of the mind’s attention, and opening to the wisdom of the heart as a means of connecting and accessing your energy field.

Kim will have time at the workshop to go a little deeper into areas such as:

  • How to identify your negative energetic patterns, and how to transform them as a means of having healthy relationships, satisfying work, and overall wellbeing.
  • How to harness all the fields of energy in the universe, through the heart, to create a new field of energy that will manifest in your personal reality.
  • How to embrace any aspect of yourself that you have difficulty confronting, based in either the present or the past, as a way of becoming truly free and whole.

“I have been working with Kim since the summer of 2014. Cutting through the fog is what she does best. With this new clarity, I achieved my goals and found truer happiness. My business had grown at a fast pace over the past 6 years and I was overwhelmed. Kim helped to even out the kinks and bring the kinds of people into my life that supported me and that I wanted to be around. Who doesn’t want to operate more comfortably in their lives? Navigating life’s turmoil is easier with Kim by my side.” –  Kellly Hensley

Owner of “Left Overs,” a thriving San Francisco business

About Kim Bellisimo, M.A.

Kim received her master’s degree in Life Transition Counseling from the University of San Francisco. Her clients include companies, non-profits and individuals, both young and old. Her workshops, online courses, and audio presentations are based on the underlying principal that by manifesting and unifying the energy that dwells within and around us, we can unleash our creative force and be in a better life.

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